Home Health Services are available on California’s Central Coast from Paso Robles to Santa Ynez

Home Health Services are available on California’s Central Coast from Paso Robles to Santa Ynez

Every person has to consider how they will spend their older years at some point in their lives. Older adults prefer to remain at home as they age. Aging can often have challenges, whether mental or physical, that can negatively impact a person’s ability to take care of themselves. Often times, that means a person must rely on a caregiver or family member to assist them. Family caregivers can feel overburdened, managing their own lives and the care of their aging loved ones.  The added stress of caring for an older loved one can take a toll on their mental and physical health.

However, there is another option for residents on the Central Coast of California. Businesses like Wilshire Home Health (https://www.wilshirehomehealthcc.org/) offer home healthcare services that alleviate stress of family caregivers and allow older adults to age in place. Listed below are some top benefits of home health services.

Activities of daily living are the tasks a person has to do every day to care for themselves, such as bathing and grooming, personal hygiene, activities of daily living and strengthening. Home health aides work with nurses and therapists to provide additional personal care. 

A healthy diet is integral to the health of all older adults. It is especially important to those with chronic conditions like diabetes or those who have recently been released from a hospital. Registered dieticians can help patients plan their nutritional health during the recovery process, offering individual guidance to patients, families, and caregivers adapted to the patient’s illness or disease prognosis.

Loneliness and depression in seniors put them at risk for developing serious and even life-threatening illnesses. Aging old adults that socialize regularly live longer and are less at risk for certain diseases and illnesses that those who consistently isolated. Home health social workers connect patients with internal and external resources to help mitigate issues surrounding depression and loneliness. 

Often time, families live far away from their aging parents. Home healthcare professionals can provide peace of mind that parents can age in place while receiving professional healthcare right in their home when dealing with illness, disease or surgery. By providing the care in home, it also reduces the number of transportation visits needed to for recovery or management.  Care that is provided in home can include skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, palliative care, and medication management.

Aging adults often have multiple prescriptions to manage chronic and acute health conditions. It can become confusing to them to know what to take and when, leading to missed doses, or even an accidental overdose. Home health care professionals can assist seniors in medication management, ensuring they have taken the right medications at the right dosage and monitoring them for any adverse reactions.

For those with loved ones in more acute conditions, regular home care visits may not be enough. Fortunately, one of the services offered in the area is telehealth, exclusively with Wilshire Home Health. Telehealth communicates a person’s current health information with their provider, including their weight, blood pressure, medication management, and skin condition. Telehealth also allows caregivers and nurses to check in remotely as often as needed.

Caring for an older adult on the Central Coast of California can be a stressful responsibility, but it does not have to be done alone. Home health services are available to assist older adults in maintaining a good quality of life as they age inside their own homes. Visit https://www.wilshirehomehealthcc.org/contact/ to request more information. 

Wilshire Health & Community Services, Inc. has seventy years of experience in the healthcare industry, serving the Central Coast with innovation, integrity, and trust. Their staff prides themselves on their mission to help patients and clients live a better life.

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