Breakthrough: Creative Biolabs Can 100% Precisely Distinguish Leucine and Isoleucine in De Novo Antibody Sequencing

New York, USA – Creative Biolabs, a dynamic biotech company engaged in the antibody field for decades, recently made a giant breakthrough in De Novo Antibody Sequencing Services, precisely distinguishing the sequences between leucine and isoleucine with 100% accuracy, using their proprietary Database Assisted Shotgun Sequencing (DASS) technology.

Compared to the traditional cDNA detection and the classic Edman method, de novo antibody sequencing is characterized by less time and higher efficiency. Owing to its unique ability to directly determine the amino acid sequence of a protein without relying on any existing DNA or protein database information, de novo antibody sequencing, a mass spectrometry-based method, can be applied to sequencing non-model organisms and identifying library species.

However, the conventional de novo antibody sequencing based on the next-generation sequencing fails to precisely differentiate leucine and isoleucine due to their unspecific and random distribution, the same molecular mass and similar chemical property. Researchers can only speculate the possible positions of leucine and isoleucine in the analysis of antibody sequences and functions according to the arrangement, which is time consuming and uneconomical. Therefore, a highly efficient and cost-effective sequencing technology is needed to overcome these conventional limits.

Through years of persistent efforts, conscientious researchers in Creative Biolabs successfully achieved breakthroughs in this field, developed the DASS to accurately distinguish the location of leucine and isoleucine, and 100% determine the accuracy of antibody sequences for superior functional analysis.


• Fast: Sequencing accomplished within 10 working days.
• Sensitive: Full coverage obtained from 50-100 µg of protein.
• Robust: 100% coverage guaranteed for the VJ and VDJ region.
• High-Throughput: Available to customize project with 100, 200, 500 or more antibodies.
• Integrated: Antibody designing, cloning, de novo sequencing and analyzing, as well as in vitro optimization.

“Based on the proprietary Database Assisted Shotgun Sequencing (DASS) technology, we can offer various services consisting of sequencing variable regions, variable plus leader regions, as well as full-length heavy- and light-chain antibodies for all species, isotypes, and allotypes. Our technicians can purify monoclonal antibodies in multivalent forms with 100% coverage of the desired regions as well as excellent precision,” introduced by Dong H. Chen, the CSO of Creative Biolabs.

“A valuable breakthrough never comes easily. We all know how difficult it is to guarantee our clients a 100% accurate result in an antibody sequencing project. It really encouraged us a lot. In the past decade, our professional scientists have helped Creative Biolabs gain a good reputation through numerous successful cases and constant efforts. We are proud to provide antibody sequencing with 100% accuracy and guarantee to satisfy our customers’ research needs.”

About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs can provide one-stop unique de novo antibody sequencing services for research, diagnostic, and therapeutic industries, including sequencing of the V, J, and C segments using DASS, de novo sequencing of the CDR3 Region, sequencing of Fluorochrome mAbs, IgMs, and other Non-Standard Antibodies. To overcome the current drawbacks of sequencing techniques based on traditional methods, Creative Biolabs has developed the proprietary Database Assisted Shotgun Sequencing (DASS) technology, based on the next generation antibody sequencing platform, to provide reliable supporting proof for confirmation & validation of produced mAb, protein and enzyme, QC analysis and IND/NDA application.

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