AXLOIE Goin: The Best Sports Partner, Built To Go Further

2020 is coming, have you achieved your fitness goals? People have various reasons to do sports, but often give up halfway for the same reasons, such as lacking of perseverance and feeling boring. Indeed, exercise requires not only willpower but also motivation. People are more willing to spend 30 minutes on mobile phones and games than sports.

But if you listen to music while exercising, it will be more interesting. A large amount of research shows that music can enhance the sports effect and body strength, many sports lovers choose to wear headphones to enjoy music when doing sports. Nowadays, these audio products have become indispensable gadgets for sports enthusiasts.

Many people assume that just all headphones will work for sports, but that doesn’t make sense. First of all, wired earphones are not suitable for sports scenes. When you move your body, your arm will be tangled by the cords. In some cases, the sound of the wires rubbing against your body or clothes will be directly transmitted to your ear, affecting your auditory experience. Second, some wireless earbuds may seem convenient, but the biggest problems are that they’re unstable to wear, easy to fall to the ground when doing strenuous exercise, even the AirPods are no exception.

Then, we have the question: Aren’t there any wireless headsets that can fully meet the conditions of sports? Of course! The wireless sports earphones equipped with ear hooks are the most ideal and popular sports gadgets. Recently, AXLOIE launched Goin wireless sports earphones with ear-hook, which is fully adapted to scenes such as running a marathon or strenuous sports.


AXLOIE is a new star rising in the audio field, founded by music enthusiast August Chow in 2018. In the toughest moments of his start-up, he wore headphones to listen to music, whether he was in sports or working overtime late at night. “Life is like a marathon, and music is a necessary ‘mental lubrication’,” he says. He believes that music has a magical healing and inspirational power, just like a soul mate, who will be always with you and encourage you to keep moving forward, so he made “My Dream Supporter” the founding mission of AXLOIE.

AXLOIE focuses on personal audio products and is committed to introducing superior Bluetooth headsets and speakers to the world. The audio brand highlights comfort, wireless technology, design, and condense music into a lightweight volume through advanced acoustic technology to bring people a more wonderful music experience.

Original Sports Design

Goin sports earphones series are the masterpiece of an industrial design master who has won the Red Dot Design Award, iF Product Design Award, and Good Design Award. Visually, the classic black facade has a simple style and looks very attractive. It strictly follows the design concept of the AXLOIE brand “Wireless Comfort”. These Bluetooth 5.0 headphones are super lightweight, comfortable and stable to wear, which are born for sports.

Compared with ordinary wireless headphones, AXLOIE Goin Bluetooth earphones focus more on the comfort of the ear and especially features the ergonomics in materials and shapes. First, the material is soft, ultra-light, skin-friendly, flexible, and dirt-resistant. Even if you wear glasses, you don’t have to worry about the rubbing against the ear hooks. Secondly, while maintaining comfort, wearing stability is also surprising; even if you are shaking your head or taking strenuous exercise, it will not easily fall off. Third, the in-ear design ensures that the headphones and ears fit snugly to get the best sound quality.

IPX7 Waterproof

You will sweat a lot during a workout or intense physical activity. To prevent the earphones from sweat and rain, most sports enthusiasts will choose waterproof headphones. AXLOIE Goin sports earphones are made of advanced waterproof materials with a water resistance rating of 7, which means the earphones are tightly sealed and can effectively sweatproof and waterproof. When you do exercise, you never have to worry about the damage from rain and sweat.

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