Intelligent heroes is ready to launch their token sale

Intelligent heroes is ready to launch their token sale

Intelligent heroes have been getting global attention ever since it came into existence as a transparent and reliable platform for various micro job seekers with a core blockchain-based ecosystem. 

Intelligent Heroes can be considered as the most trusted name due to their global appeal and their responsive & extremely user-friendly blockchain-based reward system.

But why are intelligent heroes trusted so much worldwide? Well, the answer is quite simple. Their blockchain-based system. The primary reason for using the blockchain technology is the high level of the security factor. It has been proved that hacking a platform powered by blockchain technology is quite difficult, or you can say impossible. The technology utilizes six encrypted security levels. Besides, the company updates the platform frequently with updated patches. 

Their Hero token is developed with an aim for transactional use, and it helps the users of the platform to its best. The critical event is the initial offering. In the future, the Hero Token will remain widely relevant. Besides, the users love to use the tokens following its dynamic and progressive nature. Furthermore, the platform is planning to lock some of these tokens to develop scarcity along with creating a relevance, which will help in boosting the token value. 

If you are thinking about how the ERC-20 or Hero Token will remain relevant to the market in the future, then take a look at this:

  • To get connected with heroes with higher ranks
    One can use Hero tokens to communicate with the Heroes having a higher rank. This way, the users can obtain some vital information that can help in the journey. 

  • To initiate targeted searches
    To conduct a specific type of search, that is different from the standard one, you will require Hero tokens. So, make sure there are enough tokens in the wallet. Such kinds of searchers will help in getting accurate results much faster. 

  • Get access to the administration
    The administration of the platform remains busy, and it is quite difficult to get in touch with them. However, in such a condition, gaining direct access to talk with the administration will be very helpful. So, for this, the users can use the Hero tokens too. 

  • Attractive benefits and discounts on getting training
    When one uses his/her Hero token to pay for the training offered, the user will enjoy great discounts. So you will pay less for obtaining more value. 

  • Retake the tests before the normal time
    Want to take or retake tests sooner than the normally scheduled time? If yes, use Hero token. With this, one can save much time required to level up. 

  • Hide the profile of a hero
    By spending a little amount of Hero tokens, the users can hide their profile and make the profile private. 

There are more such ways through which the users can use their Hero tokens. To explore more, one can read the whitepaper available on the platform. 

These guys also have multiple DA apps that are used for the purpose of consumption as well as the distribution of the stored contents on their blockchain to the web2.0 pages. Right now you can get access to tokens through secondary markets, ICO/IEO, Airdrop and various promotions. The seed sale phase of tokens is on for 3 more days! In case you miss this one, don’t worry, you can buy a token till March 20th, 2020. 

About Intelligent Heroes 

Intelligent heroes is a highly intuitive and easy to use platform for the worldwide micro job seekers who are paid through a blockchain-based system. Their token sale starts right at the beginning of the new year! 


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