Safety A Top Concern For Fixed-Base Operators

Safety A Top Concern For Fixed-Base Operators

Airline safety and maintenance can present some challenges. One of the biggest challenges is how to safely get airline maintenance personnel high enough to service the airplane. Aircraft maintenance ladders & platforms play an important role in meeting that challenge, and the safer and more stable they are, the safer technicians who are servicing or fixing planes will be. Safety is also an important concern for passengers, and even fixed-base operators that do not directly deal with customers have to always keep passenger safety in mind.

What Is a Fixed-Base Operator? 

A fixed-base operator is part of an organization that works out of an airport providing services to airplanes. These general aviation services include, but are not limited to, things such as aircraft maintenance, tie-down, hangaring, fueling, parking, aircraft rentals, and flying lessons. Usually, fixed base operators provide services from locations at the airport, though some of them may be located adjacent to the airport. Most fixed base operators are private organizations, but at smaller airports, they may be government or publicly-owned.

Why Is Safety Important to Fixed-Base Operators? 

What many people do not realize is that even relatively small aircraft are pretty large. It is virtually impossible to service an airplane without using Platforms and Ladders. However, these devices have a reputation for creating hazards in the workplace. About one-fourth of all workplace accidents are falls, and one-fifth of those injuries involve ladders. In workplaces where ladders and platforms are required for job performance, those numbers increase substantially. For fixed-base operators, having safe, functional, well-maintained ladders and platforms is a critical element for employee safety.

The Right Ladder for the Job

It is important to realize that a ladder can be perfectly safe and functional for one application, but not appropriate for another. That is why most fixed-base operators will actually need a variety of ladders for their workers. The right choice of ladder depends on what job is being done, the size of the airplane being serviced, the area around the aircraft, and the size and physical capabilities of the employee. Therefore, most fixed-base operators need to have a variety of different platforms and ladders available to them.

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Passenger Safety

While employee safety is a concern, fixed-based operators also have to focus on passenger safety. In many smaller airports, passengers use platforms, ladders, or some combination of the two to board or disembark from airplanes. Because passengers may have physical limitations that maintenance personnel would not have, there may be additional safety requirements for equipment that passengers use.

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