Tips for Selling a Home Without a Realtor

Tips for Selling a Home Without a Realtor

Residential property owners aren’t required to hire a real estate agent to sell their homes. They are within their rights to sell it on their own and avoid paying a real estate agent a commission. However, the choice requires the owner to manage all aspects of selling the home, including reviewing and accepting offers. Homeowners who aren’t sure where to start can review tips for selling a home without a realtor.

Repair Structural Issues that Violate Building Codes

Real estate transactions require an official inspection to find possible issues that reduce the value of the home. The findings of the inspection show a potential buyer what electrical, plumbing, and structural issues are present and require immediate attention. Property owners who want to sell their property schedule an inspection in preparation for selling their home. The information lowers the chances of possible delays in the sale or decreases in purchase prices.

Follow Better Staging Guidelines

Staging is a process where the homeowner paints the property in neutral tones and strategically places furnishings and decor throughout the home. The purpose is to show buyers what the property could look like after they buy it. Staging shows the buyers the dimensions of each room with size-proportionate furniture and decor. Investors who buy residential properties, such as CR of Maryland LLC, review each living space when presenting an offer to the seller.

Clean Up and Correct Landscaping or Exterior Issues

Landscaping should be managed properly to show buyers what is possible if they buy the property. Messy landscaping isn’t attractive to buyers and presents potential hazards. When presenting the home to possible investors, all hazards around the property’s exterior must be eliminated. Investors deduct from their offer for landscaping faux passes and hazards that increase liabilities. A, we buy houses company might increase their offer if the homeowner maintains the landscaping and keeps the exterior attractive.

Get an Official Appraisal for the Property

An official appraisal for the property shows the owner what they can expect to get out of the sale. Homeowners should evaluate the appraisal and decide if the projected value of their home is acceptable. Companies that purchase the home as an investment consider the appraisal as a jumping-off point for negotiations. The information helps homeowners decide if the offer presented by an investor is a fair and reasonable price. To learn more about official appraisals, visit for more details.

Find a Larger Market of Buyers and Reach Out to Them

Exploring a larger market of buyers helps the owner get better offers for their home. It isn’t necessary for them to hire a real estate agent to advertise to a larger market. Homeowners often use social media to present details about a home. Companies that buy homes as an investment might be more attracted to properties that have a wider range of buyers.

Residential property owners follow specific steps when selling a home on their own. The owner needs a sales contract and must define their own terms. Homeowners might also face the full cost of the closing, including attorney fees. Tips for selling a home without a realtor help owners learn where to start.

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