Evaluation of 2019 and Vision 2020 for Cansoft Technologies

Evaluation of 2019 and Vision 2020 for Cansoft Technologies
The year 2020: ‘A Fish May Fly’, Let’s Keep the Sky Open; CEO’s Diary

December 27, 2019 –

2019 at a glance

Cansoft started the year 2019 with a constant growing pain like an expecting mother. With all the challenges, the excitement and quite a few dreams come true moments, we knew we have outgrown our physical space and working area. It was time to explore, conquer and grow.

Change in Work Approach

Setting our approach for day to day work and proper distributing of work based on both skills and interest helped us move faster in terms of delivering quality work on time. Our day to day work includes- staying on top of new technology and changes in web technology, staying on top of ever-changing search algorithms, assessment of new projects, project planning, content preparation (writing and media) according to our SEO Bible, web design, graphic design, programming, bug fixing, research conversion, A-B testing, and implantation, learning about different industry, staying on top of social media and of course regularly collaborating with our valued clients for their needs.

CanFam Culture

Most corporation forgets to keep the strong bond of a small team when it starts to grow. That’s when people start to lose their faith in the company. We have learned our lesson over the years and formed a corporate family where everyone considers themselves as part of a family. Cansoft Family, we call it CanFam.


We have grown quite a bit in 2019 in terms of the geographical location of our clients, our web presence and also our area of work. We are working in 5 provinces in Canada and 3 other countries now. We dared to take on complex software projects and finished successfully. We were able to grow into our second modern corporate office in Regina, after our Dhaka office. We have made a move to get a permanent operating location in Vancouver. We have doubled our CanFam members.

Vision 2020, How it Looks Like for Cansoft

Innovation Projects

We have been working on quite a few innovation projects for the last couple of years. Having the challenge of a smaller team stopped us from being able to finish them and making them useful for the people. Our goal is to best utilize our existing team’s time and hire more people to finish some of these projects this year.

More International Presence

With our extra-ordinary skills in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), helped us put our footstep in a few larger cities in North America. Proper planning and approach will help us to grow into those cities pretty soon.

Financial Growth and Investment Opportunities 

Financial growth is equally important to maintain the quality of work and growing the company. The first time in five years, Cansoft is opening its door for investors who are interested to be a part of one of the fastest-growing Canadian tech companies.  

A Fish May Fly

A skilled programmer might have an interest graphic design but not necessarily he or she will be a good one when it comes to delivering the result. Sometimes, just because of interest a writer turned out to be a good project manager. Appointing the right people in the right position is as hard as finding talented people who have dedication.

A fish should not be judged by its flying ability, but also forced ‘not to fly’ when it starts to grow wings. There are flying fishes as proof in nature. It doesn’t matter what distance it is going to be, there is always glory in being able to do something never done before.

So, let’s keep our sky and mind open for our CanFam members and anyone interested to be a member of this amazing corporate family.

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