With the release of “Atea”, @DurantMusica continues his string of successful releases

With the release of “Atea”, @DurantMusica continues his string of successful releases

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After seeing his first single, “Mala influencia”, reach more than a million streams across streaming platforms, Durant (@DurantMusica) continues to deliver on his urban/pop sound. In “Atea”, we can hear a fusion of his classic reggaeton style, combined with electronic sounds that give the song the power and punch it has. The singer continues to amaze his audience, who constantly ask him to release more and more music.

Durant started his path in music in his school days. He knew since the early age of seven that this was his calling, and nothing would get on his way of achieving his dream. He became obsessed with songwriting immediately, writing songs every single day. 

When asked about why he decided to leave his home and come to Miami, Durant says it wasn’t planned at all. It happened from one day to another, when Steven Campos, his manager and business partner, called him and proposed to him the idea of moving with him to Miami and starting a solo artist project. Without hesitation, Durant jumped on a plane the next week, and started working tirelessly on this new journey.

The project is now 3 years old, and Durant says it’s had its good amount of bumps in the road. However, after many failures and trial and error, the singer is seeing his hard work pay off. Going through his hardest times not only has made him more determined, but has also made his music grow with him.

Now that he is seeing his songs blow up, he feels indebted to his fans to keep releasing better music each time around, and he has yet to dissapoint.

There is no doubt that, with his determination, inmense talent, and the amazing, ever-growing, fanbase he’s garnered, Durant will soon be recognized as one of the greatest artists of this new generation.

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