Virginia Wholesale Lumber Supplier List Top Uses Of Marine Grade Plywood

Virginia Wholesale Lumber Supplier List Top Uses Of Marine Grade Plywood

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Springfield, Virginia – December 27, 2019 – Curtis Lumber & Plywood, a Virginia wholesale lumber supplier, recently created a blog listing the top uses of marine grade plywood. Made with waterproof glue and hardwood, marine grade plywood is a popular choice for projects that will come into contact with water.

Marine grade plywood is lightweight and stronger than traditional plywood, making it an ideal material for a variety of outdoor applications. It is usually made from layers of western larch or douglas fir wood, then glued together the same way that other types of plywood are made. In high humidity and heat, marine grade plywood will not separate and come apart the way other types of plywood might in these conditions. While it is not rot or water resistant, the structure of the wood will remain intact if it does get wet, and it is therefore a smart choice for projects that are likely to come into contact with water.

You can easily upgrade your outdoor projects by using marine grade plywood instead of traditional plywood. It can be used to create backyard decks and patios, helping to protect them from rainy weather, and even for bathroom and kitchen walls and subflooring, which can help these pieces retain their structure in the constant heat and steam present in these rooms. Marine grade plywood also makes an excellent support material for lake platforms, boat docks, and even boats themselves. While you’ll still need to use waterproofing varnish and other materials to fully insulate marine grade plywood from the water, the plywood will add an extra layer of protection for these projects.

Contact Curtis Lumber & Plywood for more information about marine grade plywood. Founded in 1957, Curtis Lumber has been serving customers in the Northern Virginia area for more than 60 years. Its experienced employees can assist you in choosing the right type and grade of plywood for your project and provide professional guidance for any other questions you may have about using marine grade plywood in your work. Curtis Lumber is located at 7351 Highland Street, Springfield, VA 22150 and can be contacted by phone at 703-972-1947 or online at

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