EZZ brand NMN passed Australian TGA certification

An anti-aging tablet has actually passed the Australia TGA certification, the most stringent pharmaceutical standard in the world. Recently, the world’s first NMN product, EZZ anti-aging tablet, has be in vogue. It is hailed as the new NMN product for anti-aging. As such, what is the origin of this product? The reporter launched an investigation.

There is no doubt that anti-aging technology is the hot-button issue of life science in the 21st century. And NMN is the only worldly recognized nutritional ingredient that can delay the aging process. Taking NMN products can synthesize NAD+ factor in the body so as to solve the problem that such factor no longer secretes with age, continue to repair damaged genes for the human body, and delay the aging process. However, there are many kinds of NMN products in the international markets, but none of them have obtained the approval of professional institutions. The problem has been solved after the world’s first NMN product, EZZ anti-aging product, was officially launched. And the EZZ anti-aging product, promoting the NMN industry, also passed the Australia TGA certification. It has become the world first NMN product ratified by the government.

As we all know, Australia, embraced the rigorous production management of medicines and health care products, is recognized as one of the most strictest management and difficult market access in the world. TGA, the federal drug authority under the Department of Health, enjoys a high international reputation and is hailed as an authority with outstanding standard. When applying for certification, the product must pass more than 600 quality inspections from raw materials to finished products. And its management is stricter than the American’s FDA standard. It can be said the starting point of the EZZ anti-aging product is the top international production level.

It is reported that the EZZ anti-aging product can passed the TGA certification because its research and development group, Auckland University of Technology gene research center, is excellent. As we all know, the previous generation of NMN products has the single formula. Therefore, it will consume the ingredients absorbed in the intestinal tract so it cannot achieve anti-aging effect with adequate dose. As the world’s top genetic research center, Auckland University of Technology gene research center was launched by both Auckland University of Technology and New Zealand Gene Research Center. Based on the research of Harvard University and six Nobel Prize winners, the drug has broken the previous NMD products’ shortcomings of poor absorption. Also, it added two complex factors named niacin and nicotinamide to NMD products. After being accurately packaged in tablets by scientists, they can be taken into human body, which can effectively increase our NMD content and promote the absorption of NMN. Thus, we can achieve the goal of anti-aging.

“EZZ anti-aging tablets produced by Australian have an AUSTL number. And the number indicates that this product is approved and registered by the Austrian Drug Administration. EZZ is the only product that can openly check the TGA batch number,“ said the EZZ anti-aging tablets manager.

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