Eaoron Glycation Reverse capsules attract many mainstream Chinese media’s attention

“You don’t need to give me 500,000 betrothal presents, could you forgive me?” Recently, the Chinese girl named Li Min in JiangXi province gave her future mother-in-law a box of Eaoron Glycation Reverse capsules, but her mother-in-law thought all pills should be swallowed because she cannot understand the English instruction book. And this issue, occupying the hotpot news of Tencent, has become the hot button news and attracts millions of people to discuss. 

In this issue, Eaoron Glycation Reverse capsules surprised many people because it can also be used for smearing. And it also popularizes EAORON, an international skin care product from Australia. 

As Australia’s most well-known skincare brand, EAORON, endowed with its innovative product’s development model and outstanding product ingredients, has hit the market and become one of the most popular Glycation Reverse brands. It has been hailed as the brand that invented the Glycation Reverse brand once again.

According to research, sugar, which leads to skin aging, acne, wrinkles, is extremely harmful to us. And the culprit is attributed to saccharification. The so-called saccharification refers to the AGEs, the combination of excess sugar and collagen when eating too much sugar. It can destroy collagen, lose the elasticity of the collagen fibers and decrease the tightness of the skin. Thus, the skin is prone to wrinkling and sagging. In addition, saccharification will lead to the darkening of the skin. 90% of the collagen in the dermal fibers is easily saccharified and accumulated in the skin. And the saccharified collagen penetrates into the dermis layer and turns brown. The skin becomes darker and darker over time. All in all, it will be difficult to restore fairness. 

“Most of the anti-sugar pills in the market are taking orally. The product, which needs to be converted after taking orally, can consume the active ingredients and possesses only a single anti-sugar effect. This is far from enough to prevent aging.“ The manager of EAORON told reporter, “because skin aging is not only caused by saccharification, but also damage caused by oxidative free radicals and light aging.”

As an Australian medical beauty skin care brand, EAORON set up a specialized expert laboratory team two years ago to study skin anti-aging issues. They worked hard on disadvantages of the traditional anti-sugar pill oral administration and finally developed this Eaoron Glycation Reverse capsules, a product that combines anti-glycation and anti-oxidation. Without taking orally, the active ingredients can reach the skin bottom by smearing. Not only can it resist sugar and yellowing, but it can also possess a strong anti-oxidation effect. It can improve the skin’s bleak, yellow and saggy condition.

One of the highlights of this product is that it can be used by swearing alone. After doing research, EAORON successfully developed the world’s leading black technology – Micro-fluidics technology, creating unprecedented one second “injection-grade” absorption. And its penetration is comparable to “injection-grade”. In addition, one capsule encapsulates 99.9% high-concentration essence, which is 10 times that of ordinary products. Not only does it not have the problem of ingredient depletion by taking orally, it is also more powerful in anti-glucose and anti-oxidation. Thus, it can delay the aging process. 

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