Bar Boy Eco Coasters Recycles Used Amazon Boxes into Redesigned Eco-Friendly Drink Coasters

Bar Boy Eco Coasters Recycles Used Amazon Boxes into Redesigned Eco-Friendly Drink Coasters
Innovative recycling solution saves businesses money while impressing guests with eco-friendly statement.

Tampa, FL – Bar Boy Eco Coasters is pleased to announce they are recycling used Amazon boxes into attractively redesigned eco-friendly drink coasters.

Based in Tampa, Florida, Bar Boy Eco Coasters was designed by award-winning bar and restaurant owner, Ryan Gougeon.  The company’s mission is to collect Amazon boxes and recycle them into 100% recycled and eco-friendly drink coasters for the bar, restaurant, and hotel industry.

“My inspiration for the company came after seeing just how many Amazon boxes were at the curbside at households and businesses everywhere,” says Gougeon.  “I noticed many Amazon boxes went into the garbage and I thought there had to be a way to repurpose them in order to help create a sustainable product.  In my own bar & restaurants we go through a lot of drink coasters, so I figured if I could make them at a lower price point, then maybe other establishments could benefit as well.  Thus, the idea for Bar Boy Eco Coasters was born.”

To turn unwanted Amazon boxes into a new product, Bar Boy Eco Coasters offers both drop off and pickup solutions for Amazon boxes.  The company offers a convenient subscription service for restaurants, bars, and hotels to get a monthly delivery of the highly durable and cost effective coasters.

“By putting out Bar Boy Eco Coasters operators will make a huge impact statement to their customers,” states Gougeon.  “Customers will see your establishment cares about the environment, thereby impressing them while saving you money at the same time.  It’s an amazing opportunity for businesses in the hospitality industry to make a great impact and do something wonderful for the environment.”

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About the Company

Bar Boy Eco Coasters is the brainchild company of Ryan Gougeon, an award-winning business owner and environmentalist.  The company’s main purpose is to turn unwanted and discarded Amazon boxes into repurposed drink coasters for the hospitality industry.

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