AI-Matrix Joint Founding Fund enters into strategic cooperation with Columbia Private Equity firm

The AI-Matrix Joint Foundation recently signed a strategic agreement with Columbia private equity firm. The two sides will conduct in-depth research in the direction of modularization expansion, providing alternative intelligent contracts, consensus mechanisms, P2P network transmission, big data encrypted storage and so on, and focus on the “new development direction of blockchain 3.0 distributed storage track” to promote the digital financial revolution and open up the global market.

The Columbia private equity firmneeds the technology advantage of the AI-Matrix blockchain to solve the problems and bottlenecks of the platform in terms of efficiency, speed, security, ease of use and flexibility, and construct a blockchain network with self-optimizing ability. At the same time, AI-Matrix blockchain technology, with the financial support of Columbia private equity firm, realizes the upgrading of its own technology again, encapsulates the contract layer of blockchain needed by various industries and fields, and combines visual operating system to facilitate the rapid use of developers in all languages. And chain reform projects can quickly establish decentralized application scenarios and build business models with their own needs to make blockchain business applications and traditional industry chain reforms be quickly accomplished.

This cooperation brings AI-Matrix blockchain technology into a new chapter. And AI-Matrix Joint Founding Fund, which is also actively seeking to list on more cryptocurrency exchanges around the world, has received invitations from several exchanges, including the top 10 exchanges in the world. It can also prove that AI-Matrix blockchain technology has absolute technical advantages in solving the problems of slow trading speed of exchanges, programming obstacles of intelligent contracts, lack of security of intelligent contracts, management and flexibility of updating blockchain, and has a broad future.

At present, AI-Matrix blockchain technology, like the growth process of BTC and ETH, is maturing rapidly. According to the analysis and comments of Citigroup, Morgan, Wells Fargo, Standard Chartered, CoinNess, Japan SBI Holdings and other world-famous institutionon AI-Matrix technology, its security and flexibility improvement will reach an unprecedented level, and it also marks the blockchain into the 3.0era.So from a comprehensive analysis, AI-Matrix technology is steadily ascending since the listing. Current price is about US$20, and the future price of AMN at about US$150 is a normal valuation. The market capitalization will be about US$15 billion.

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