Elissa Deline Photography Makes Wedding Memories Eternal With Inexpensive Portland Wedding Photography Packages

Elissa Deline Photography Makes Wedding Memories Eternal With Inexpensive Portland Wedding Photography Packages
If needing professional services to capture intimate moments of a special event, Elissa Deline Photography offers award-winning engagement photo sessions and wedding day packages. Elissa is an expert photographer with many years of experience helping her clients to capture those memorable events in a well-planned session.

Portland, OR – While Elissa specializes in wedding photography, she also has vast experience capturing those special moments for all of her clients’ needs. From those who wish to capture the arrival of a new family member or want to celebrate a life stage with a professional senior photo shoot, Elissa Deline Photography has the skills to capture all of those unique moments into an award-winning photo. 

By contracting her services, clients can feel confident of being assisted by a professional that will not ask them to pose in unnatural or even uncomfortable postures, as that’s what sets her apart from the competition. She dedicates her time capturing smiles, in a good light and in a place that might help to tell her clients’ story. Depending on the service, that would be the time that she would let her clients know the fees she would charge. For instance, if it is an engagement session, it may take between one and three hours to complete, depending on the location. However, for a wedding, she strives to dedicate as much time as she can to capture every single moment, so wedding sessions may take from 7-10 hours which covers the bride and groom’s preparation time before the ceremony until the reception. 

“Iʼm fascinated by the range of dynamics between people in love, so observing and getting a feel for the basis of your unique relationship is one of my favorite parts of being a photographer. I take lots of candids for this very reason. While I’m not exactly a ‘fly on the wall,’ I also won’t make you put on your shoes five times to get the shot. I guide when necessary but mostly let things unfold on their own,” said Elissa, regarding her personal style of photography.

Elissa Deline Photography has built a great reputation among her past clients, their friends, and family that have had the chance to be in one of the events she has covered. Elle, as she likes to be called, offers services outside of Oregon and even outside of the US. She is a perfect alternative for those who wish to be assisted by a reliable local, even when they are traveling abroad. To contract her services, depending on the time of the year, she recommends to make reservations 6 to 8 weeks before the event day, so that will give her and her clients time to plan every single detail for the session. 

Elissa Deline Photography is located at 1620 SE Cesar Estrada Chavez Blvd Ste. 309, Portland, OR 97214. For high-quality services from wedding photographers in Portland OR like Elissa Deline, contact her via phone at +1 360-903-0047 or send online inquiries via email to [email protected]. For additional information regarding her services, visit her website. 

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