China Hifi-Audio Presents New Line Magnetic Audio Amplifier To Global Music Lovers

Customers can now order the newly launched audiophile tube amplifiers unveiled by china-hi-fi, which include CD players, audio valve preamp, products from MUZISHARE and Jungson, etc.

China-hifi-Audio is on a mission to bring music to life. This is after presenting new amplifiers that offer unparalleled authenticity and accuracy. These devices are of high-quality and are designed by top firms and engineers. And most of the amplifiers feature incredible components and highlights. Besides, China-hifi-Audio has now turned out to be the leading distributor of these products.

Line Magnetic Audio is one of the top products, thanks to its fantastic design and features. This device is made to generate sound that is more healthy and natural. The product is portable due to its lightweight, which implies that a customer can listen and enjoy music on the go. It comes with other several elements like durability, which means the device can work for a long time without distortion. The variety available, for instance: Line Magentic Audio Lm-2161A KT88, Line magnetic LM-210IA 300B, etc. enables the clients to choose the best product. The management head has revealed that they are introducing new and modern products with advanced features.

China Hifi-Audio Presents New Line Magnetic Audio Amplifier To Global Music Lovers

The Line Magnetic 219ia is designed to power almost all musical instruments. Including this item will increase every single part of your audio frequency. A few heard effects, once installed, are soft audio with more treble and bass. All of this rises without any distortion. Inside the delivery package, there is a remote control that has a volume and silent function. There is also a considerable switch ton at the back that allows the customer to turn it on and off. But the most unusual feature is the weight that it comes with. It weighs 55kg, hence making it bulky. All the materials used to make the product are quality, for example, the Japanese ALPS high-grade motor potentiometers. The product is quite affordable and remarkable for producing pure and smooth audio.

Line Magnetic LM-210IA is an attractive product that emphasizes impressive features. This machine can also be accessed with a tube cage covering plus and remote control. When compared with LM 508IA, it’s found to be lighter. The LM 508IA has a delivery weight of 43 kg. This unique finished Class A amplifier is as well a powerful speaker. It’s as well the most loved due to its smooth appearance and extraordinary features. In addition, the device comes with a point-to-point hand welding circuit, and possess a durable make. It has four sets of data terminals on the backboard for interfacing Ohm speakers. There is one meter having two pointers that can be utilized for observing the power yield of every channel.

About China-hifi-Audio

China-hifi-Audio is an electrical product e-commerce platform that links sellers with buyers. The firm is also a logistics service provider, which enables the shipment and delivery of electrical products from sellers to buyers. It has partnered with top brands like Muzishare, Music Angel, Bada, Shengya, Opera cord, etc. to deliver quality products. Besides this, the store sells products like hi-fi vacuum tube stereo integrated amplifier, top-quality CD players, power speakers, etc.   

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