UpService.Site Review: Top-Notch Uptime Monitoring Services Help Entrepreneurs Improve Online Business Processes

When your business relies on the smooth and reliable operation of your website, your website IS your business. And unlike a conventional brick-and-mortar model of business, websites are not only expected to operate at all times of the day, and every day of the week, but any moment of website unavailability will usually cost the company hundreds of times more than the cost of keeping a website up. What does that mean?

Say for example that it costs a company $1 per minute running their website. If the website goes down for just one minute, that short length of time offline can cost a company an estimated $100. Web hosting services are relatively cheap, while non-operational times are very costly. How does this happen? Let’s breakdown how websites fail and how much system downtime negatively affects business.

Businesses that are heavily based on data transactions, such as that of online retailing and banking, are usually the hardest hit with web hosting system downtime. Studies put out estimates at around $100,000 per hour while larger enterprises lose a few million around the same length of downtime. These are alarming amounts of loses and they are not only financially crippling but also have the potential of totally putting out a business.

What is the website downtime? When a website becomes unreachable – whether planned or unplanned – this constitutes downtime. But a website experiencing slow-loading times can also be considered downtime and these cases are almost as bad as having a hard downtime (which is when a website becomes completely inaccessible). According to studies, website visitors leave within the first few seconds of a slow loading site. That drives away potential customers and adds to unrealized revenue. Lost opportunities account for a large chunk of monetary loses for businesses.

Another business process gaining huge acceptance in the past few years is the usage of web-based project management systems or web-based general work management systems. As web-based systems provide most of the needed functions to run normal business operations – functions such as communications, task management, documentation management, customer relations, record-keeping and so on – there is a requirement for upmost reliability from web hosting services. Any subpar performance of such web service will translate to operational inefficiency, and downtime causes work stoppage. As overhead operational cost continues regardless of a work stoppage, downtime of web-based management systems will be detrimental to businesses.

Also, a badly working website weakens a company’s brand. When a website loads slowly, have its parts and features malfunction or becomes unavailable, the credibility of the company brand tanks. Visitors associate a fully functional and well-designed website with a desirable brand character like reliability, trustworthiness, competence and generally knowledgeable. The opposite is true in instances of downtime. The effect of downtime on a brand is difficult to measure precisely but experts agree on its lasting effect on a business.

How does a company prevent or avoid website downtime? First is acquiring the service of a reputable and reliable web host. High-quality web hosting services should have back-ups and redundancies to support their round-the-clock operations seamlessly and continuously. They also need ample server resources as well as a robust software infrastructure. These are all needed to provide clients with an industry-standard uptime reliability of 99.9%.

The odds seem very good but in reality, it’s not enough. A 0.01% chance of downtime happening can still be costly for a company especially if viewed in a year’ of web service: the seemingly minuscule percentage translates to 87 minutes that could happen as a single event. There’s always that risk looming over a web-based business. And so another important thing for businesses to do to address downtime is uptime monitoring. When it comes to uptime monitoring, one particular service has been counted on by entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses to provide a vigilant watch over their websites, and that’s UpService.Site.

UpService.Site is a leader in uptime monitoring services. All service packages utilize several technologies to constantly test the reliability of web hosting services. UpService.Site does a slew of connectivity tests like ping, traceroutes, speed tests, heartbeat, and flutter, as well as website and web hosting performance tests like load times, port security, response times, synthetic transaction tests, and so on.

UpService.Site offers a range of uptime monitoring solutions packages to suit every business need. Packages differ with the number of site monitoring services, frequency of reporting and mode of reports. But whichever package that entrepreneurs, start-ups, and businesses choose, UpService.Site assures comprehensive monitoring to report any sign of web hosting trouble.

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