James Marsh from Parkbench13 talks about how strategic marketing campaigns can help aspiring musicians gain exposure in the industry

James Marsh is the Senior Marketing Strategist for Parkbench13, a leading music promotion company that helps music artists in getting the right platform and audience to showcase their music, and grow in the industry. The company provides personalized promotion campaigns for artists, with weekly reporting and regular consultation to get maximum results. By matching the artist’s music with the right influencers, blogs, audience and radio formats, it provides new talents the necessary boost to climb higher in the highly competitive music industry.

In this exclusive interview, James Marsh talks about the various services provided by Parkbench13 and how strategic promotion campaigns can help transform an artist’s career.

Interviewer: What’s the story of Parkbench13?

James Marsh: Parkbench13 was founded 3 years ago. Initially, we were working with Independent Record Labels on new releases. Soon we realized that there was a need for our services by Unsigned Independent Artists with limited marketing resources.

Interviewer: Tell us about your role in Parkbench13?

James Marsh: My role is that of a director manager. Overseeing various marketing campaigns and assigning the right personnel for each promotion. Having three offices staffed with young innovative marketing individuals, I make sure that we are all on the same page.

Interviewer: What are the different services provided by Parkbench13?

James Marsh: Parkbench13 provides numerous marketing services to list individually. We pride ourselves in working with our clients for the long term and providing customized marketing and promotion packages designed to meet their budget and reflect their resources. “Starving Artist” is not a cliché but a reality. Parkbench13 understands this, and since we believe that promotion is not an option, we provide promotion campaigns to fit their budget. Some of the services we provide are Cross-Platform Digital Marketing, Direct Digital Marketing and Playlist Placements to name a few. However, the most overlooked service is direct personal communication. Our clients are encouraged to contact us either by email or arranging a phone call. We want to be a part of their promotion team.

Interviewer: What kinds of music genres can benefit from these services?

James Marsh: All genres will benefit. Promotion is not an option. The more popular genres such as pop will definitely benefit because the competition to get noticed is heavy. Smaller genres benefit because it allows us to pinpoint listeners who normally would not be exposed to the music or the artist, unless it presented to them through our marketing campaigns.

Interviewer: What is the role of social media and online influencers in promoting a music artist?

James Marsh: Huge. And that is understating its importance. Social media for artists is akin to advertising during the Super Bowl. It is a great platform to connect with your audience. Parkbench13 utilizes social media on a daily basis. And Influencers are essential to leverage exposure. It is a series of endorsements from individuals with large fanbases who have listened to your music and are sharing it within their circles.

Interviewer: Tell us about your “Introductory Spotify promotion campaign”?

James Marsh: Our Introductory Spotify promotion which is available during certain times of the year was designed as an introduction of Parkbench13 to the artist and the artist to Parkbench13. It is the starting dialogue. The promotion provides verifiable results and it allows us to assess how the music and how the artist is received by the audience. This is crucial because it allows us to prepare a proper moving forward marketing campaign. Proper promotion is continuous. Let me clarify, this doesn’t mean expensive. However, this requires a proper marketing plan to move forward using the resources available. The Introductory Spotify Promotion is a 3-4 week promotion that allows the artist to get familiar with our services and the first step to a dialogue on moving forward. 

Interviewer: Tell us about a few music artists you have worked with so far?

James Marsh: In 2019 we have worked with over 600 new clients. Being a marketing company we understand the value of branding. Hence we do not use the names of our clients for our benefit. To Parkbench13 this is Influencer marketing in reverse – for our benefit. That is not why we have developed the relationship.

Interviewer: How can an artist contact your company for promotion?

James Marsh: Anyone looking forward to promoting their music can visit our website, check out our services and contact us directly via e-mail or phone.

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