Wondergulets Group Offers Luxury Gulet Cruise Bookings Available for 2020

Wondergulets Group Offers Luxury Gulet Cruise Bookings Available for 2020
Wondergulets Group in Italy has launched its available bookings for its 2020 gulet cruises. Whether one wants to cruise the coast of Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Montenegro, Spain or Corsica. Wondergulets Group has its 2020 cruises available.

Milano, Italy – For those who are seeking a new travel experience, Wondergulets Group has now made booking available for the 2020 year for their entire fleet of gulet cruises. Whether one is looking to rent a gulet and travel to Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Italy or Spain, or if they want to book a cabin charter to those same locations, Wondergulets Group offers a full range of dates throughout the quickly approaching the new year of 2020.

A gulet is a classic Turkish boat that is a traditional wooden motor sailor powered mainly by an engine. While these vessels were formerly used as fishing boats, today they are used as a mini floating hotel that allows guests to experience an unforgettable cruise experience along the coasts of various European countries. With the gulet cruises offered by Wondergulets Group, individuals are able to explore the sea with a trusted and reliable cruise and rental service. Whether one is seeking a high-end luxury gulet cruise, a superior gulet or even one that is considered more standard, Wondergulets Group has something that will satisfy any potential cruiser. The gulets offered from their top-of-the-line rental company features a wide range of gulet sizes, gulets with various cabin amounts to accommodate any group, as well as a variation in pricing to make the cruise as affordable as possible. (https://www.wondergulets.com/en/gulet-cruises-charter)

When groups sail with Wondergulets Group, they are engulfed into the full cruise experience. These top-of-the-line gulet cruises allow passengers to swim, snorkel and kayak, as the gulet sails along the coast of their chosen destination. Each gulet is maintained and controlled by an experienced captain who aims to make the cruise as smooth and seamless as possible. Wondergulets Group personally picks the gulets they have available for cruises and each gulet features top-of-the-line security and quality. (https://www.wondergulets.com/en/gulet-cruises-charter?s=1&num_of_cabin=-1&type=3&price_range=0

While on the gulet cruise, passengers will experience an average of three hours of sailing per day that consists of a crew of experienced locals who offer a thorough knowledge of the routes and traditions of the area the gulet is cruising. Additionally, the passengers have access to cooks onboard who will serve them freshly made delicacies and dishes, along with wines and other beverages that are native to the area. Whether one has chosen to sail the coast of Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Italy or Spain, the gulet cruises from Wondergulets Group are designed to give each passenger an experience that allows them to feel engulfed in the local culture. (https://www.wondergulets.com/en/gulet-cruises-charter/turkey)

Wondergulets Group is located at Via Bartolomeo Eustachi, 24, 20129, Milano MI, Italy. Contact their team via phone at +39 02 45494722 or send online enquiries via email to [email protected]. For additional information regarding their available dates for their 2020 gulet tours, visit their website.

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