High-Tech Body Wrap Delivers Effective Weight Loss Results Through A Convenient And Affordable At-Home Method

December 30, 2019 – Riverside, CA – CRYOBOD®, a new wearable, at-home cryotherapy treatment, announces its official product launch. Designed with the highest technology, the CRYOBOD body wrap effectively freezes and burns away stubborn fat without diet or exercise through a natural and scientifically proven method to lose weight. An on-the-go product, CRYOBOD can be conveniently used in the privacy of one’s home and is more affordable than other clinic-based fat freezing services on the market. 

“With our new CRYOBOD body wrap, our users can easily get into the shape they have always dreamed about,” said Kelly Miller, Vice-president Marketing of CRYOBOD. “By using CRYOBOD for just 45-minutes per day, you are guaranteed to notice a smaller waist in as little as one week. We are so confident in the effectiveness of our product that we also provide customers with a money-back guarantee, so give us a try today.” 

CRYOBOD fits ergonomically to all body types, both men and women, and covers most of the abdominal and waist areas where stubborn body fat commonly exists at once. Through an intense and powerful treatment, CRYOBOD’s technology freezes and shrinks local fat cells through cold thermogenesis, an evidence-based method that effectively reduces body fat. Conducting the perfect temperature each time, the CRYOBOD body wrap is made of high-quality materials built to last. 

Compared to other fat freezing services on the market, CRYOBOD is more effective as it covers more body mass, treating more fat cells at once across one’s entire abdomen and waist, whereas others only treat a small portion such as an upper or lower abdomen or one flank of the waist. Clinic-based fat freezing procedures are also more expensive, ranging upwards of $500 USD per treatment area, and inconvenient as you have to attend based on appointment availability. With CRYOBOD, similar results can be achieved in the luxury of one’s home for a fraction of the cost. 

With CRYOBOD, not only will customers feel and look good because of their permanent weight loss, but their overall health will benefit, ranging from lowering one’s blood sugar, reducing inflammation, to improving their quality of sleep. 

CRYOBOD fat freezing is sold online and the price begin at $69.99 USD. 

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