Jeffrey Ito Releases New Book On 3D Printing

Educating Students, Makers, Artists, Architects, Inventors, Entrepreneurs and Designers

Los Angeles, California – December 30, 2019 – Jeffrey Ito is teaching the world how to invent, design and tinker with 3D printing for profit and fun. 3D printing is changing the world – literally! People from all walks of life are learning how to design on the computer and transform it into physical form. With thousands of different printers and material options to utilize, 3D printing is a burgeoning field of industry that will disrupt how manufacturing is done now and in the future. This book gives new users an “unfair advantage” on knowing how to monetize 3D printing and an insight into the future growth of 3D printing.

“How To Make Money With 3D Printing: Passive Profits, Hacking The 3D Printing Ecosystem and Becoming A World-Class 3D Designer” is Jeffrey Ito’s first foray into teaching people how to make money with a technology that is seriously cleaning up our environment. 3D printing also making manufacturing processes more efficient and customizable. 3D printing is predicted to revolutionize crafting for engineers, artists and everything in between with materials like metal, wood, nylon, plastic and more.

“People of all ages should have a look at 3D printing because it is a simple way to combine knowledge of design on AutoCAD with knowledge of manufacturing and materials into one field and so it should be taught in schools everywhere,” says Jeffrey Ito, author of “How To Make Money With 3D Printing: Passive Profits, Hacking The 3D Printing Ecosystem and Becoming A World-Class 3D Designer” when asked on how important is this subject for future classrooms to study. 

Jeffrey Ito is also the author of “Peter And Pablo The Printer: Adventures In Making The Future” which is a children’s 3D printing book and can be found on Kindle, Paperback and Audible.

You can learn more about Jeffrey’s current and future projects on Apple Books and on Jeffrey Ito’s Kiva lender profile.

Jeffrey Ito also teaches a 3D printing course on Udemy called, “The Fundamentals Of 3D Printing”.


Jeffrey Ito is a graduate of the University of Southern California from Los Angeles, California with a Bachelors of Science in Industrial & Systems Engineering and an SAP Specialization.

Jeffrey Ito is the Owner of Lithium Gold Ventures, LLC. He is an entrepreneur who loves new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, 3D printing, Bitcoin, and iPhone apps.

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