Himanshu Verma: The Innovator of Green Crete

Mr. Himanshu Verma is a young entrepreneur who envisioned a ‘Green world’ and started working diligently towards it by developing over 60 IPR’s of innovative eco-friendly technologies. He is the Chairman of Navrattan Group that comprises of Six Companies. All the companies under the Navrattan banner cater to a various industries like construction, transportation, energy, science & technology, waste management, basalt mining, agriculture, and healthcare.

At a time when the increasing demand for cement in the housing and infrastructure projects are creating massive pressure on the cement industry, the development of an eco-friendly and low-cost variant is going to have a significant impact on the economy as well as on the environment. In a breakthrough, Navrattan Green Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd. has developed a revolutionary ‘GREEN CRETE’ that can replace Portland Cement and significantly lower the cost of the cement.

Mr. Himanshu Verma is the man behind the initiative to change the face of the cement industry across the world. Himanshu Verma is the Chairman of Navrattan Group of Companies, and has led to the development of more than 60 IPRs of innovative science & technological concepts; all the technologies under the Navrattan banner is revolutionary, environment-friendly, and sustainable. “I have always dreamt of a ‘Clean & Green’ surroundings where we save non-renewable resources for our future generations,” said Mr. Himanshu Verma.

Navrattan Green Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a firm under the Navrattan Group banner. The business group is dedicated to providing innovative technological solutions, and the group’s business operations are spread across various industries like construction, Green energy, waste management, science & technology, infrastructure, transportation, and many more to name. Mr. Himanshu Verma heads the business group.

Below are a few points that signify the benefits of Navrattan Green Crete (NGC):

• The innovative construction material is primarily made from recycled materials such as fly ash and granulated slag.
• These recycled materials are available at prices considerably lower than the price of Portland cement thus, reducing the overall cost of the Crete.
• To add to it, Green Crete is produced through a highly automated, low labor process that does not require the use of energy-consuming kilns unlike that of high-temperature furnaces necessary for the production of Portland cement.
• The manufacturing process of the Green Crete is 100% eco-friendly and does not pollute the environment.
• In addition to the lower cost and lower environmental impact, Navrattan Green Crete exhibits excellent workability, impermeability, and strength.

This innovation will ensure that energy and natural resource limitations do not hit the development of housing and infrastructure in the near future. The global cement industry is keenly watching the developments in India as this Crete is poised to make an essential part of the future Construction material production in both developing and developed nations. NGC’s use of waste materials and innovative formula results in a more economical Crete than traditional OPC. The product can be used as a sustainable construction material in the construction of green buildings, civil infrastructure, and other cement applications.

About Us

Navrattan Green Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd. (NGCIPL) is one of the six verticals of the Navrattan Group of Companies. The business group is involved in innovating and acquiring Intellectual Property Rights from all over the world.

Navrattan Green Crete, a product of NGCIPL, is an Environment-friendly crete that is a stronger and more durable alternative of OPC. Headed by Mr. Himanshu Verma, the company is one of its kind ventures in the world that has worked with researchers and scientists and innovated ‘Green Crete.’

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