The Action of Saving Human Demands Immediate Attention

Nowadays, we advocate that “science and technology are the primary productive forces”. So if someone says that science and technology would exterminate human beings someday, it will certainly cause countless people’s objection, query and ridicule. Most people will believe that the remarks are purely groundless and sensational. Misunderstanding often stems from the lack of understanding. A serious topic related to the fate of human beings did not appear from nowhere. Don’t make a conclusion in a hurry before you find out the reason.

There is an anthropologist in China who has devoted half of his life (40 years) to the study of human survival and development. Moreover, he has ideals, devotion and persistence, and he has never wavered. He consulted a large number of historical materials, enumerated real social examples, comprehensively discussed and proved the view of science and technology exterminating human beings, awakened human beings with warm blood, and called on the people of the world to unite and devote themselves to the cause of saving human beings. This man is the famous anthropologist – Mr. Hu Jiaqi.

So far, Mr. Hu Jiaqi has been nearly 60 years old. He has devoted half of his life to the cause of human beings and will continue to struggle for the rest of his life. This process is long and tortuous. Mr. Hu is persistent and dedicated. During his 40 years of research, he has read thousands of books, pondered deeply and kept writing. He has published many monographs such as Saving Humanity, The Greatest Question, On Human Extinction, etc. and a lot of papers. From 2007 to 2019, spanning 12 years, he wrote to leaders of mankind including heads of various countries, the Secretary General of the United Nations, etc. and the world’s top scientists and scholars, elaborating the viewpoint that the irrational development of science and technology will surely exterminate human beings. Talking about the original intention of the letter, Hu Jiaqi says that for a long time, he has been so worried when realizing there was little time. In addition, his own influence was limited, so he stood up and spoke bravely. He hopes to achieve the great unity of mankind with the power of leaders and to use the power of the world regime to strictly limit the disordered development of science and technology, so as to save mankind from extinction.

However, all the voices are weak, all the work has little effect, science and technology are still like a runaway wild horse running forward. However, the crisis is not far ahead. Human beings as a whole urgently need to wake up. Mr. Hu Jiaqi realized that he could no longer fight alone as he used to. He must establish an organization and use the collective power to promote an awakening movement for all mankind in a peaceful way. In order to make every human being, especially every leader of mankind, have a clear understanding of the necessity and effective way of restricting the development of science and technology as soon as possible.


After careful preparation in the early stage, on November 1, 2019, Save Human Action Organization (SHAO) was officially established by Mr. Hu Jiaqi! This is an important event in his research career, the result of his 40 years of hard work, a comfort for him, and a milestone in the great cause. He believes firmly that faith can move mountains. Mr. Hu Jiaqi, a very persistent scholar, touches and dwarfs many people with great love transcending nations, nationalities, religions and beliefs and sacred sense of mission of resolving human survival crisis.

Mankind is made up of every individual. Only through the joint efforts of every individual, can we bear and finally complete the historic task of saving human beings. Mr. Hu Jiaqi, together with his members, will as an accelerator actively promote the awakening movement of all mankind in a peaceful way, and strive to achieve the great unity of mankind and save mankind from extinction!

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