Filenet – the World’s First Distributed Storage Public Chain Who has Launched the Main Net

What is the Trend in the Future?

The development of the digital economy is entering a new era. Blockchain, Big Data, 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud services are building a new era of global IT infrastructure. By then, everything will be connected, device applications will rise and prosper on a large scale, and data will grow massively.

Centralized storage can no longer bear with the explosive growth of data and there are disadvantages such as data easily leakage and loading slowly. To figure out new data storage methods has become an urgent need.

On October 18, 2019, IDC (International Data Corporation) and Inspur jointly released a document 2019 Data and Storage Development Research Report. The Report pointed out that data storage has become the basis for industry to transform, and distributed storage will be the trend , and its proportion will reach 40% in 2023.

In the future, distributed storage is an inevitable choice and a new trend in the era of big data.

Distributed storage, one of the core technologies of the blockchain, is to solve the problems brought by the data explosion era. Filenet, as the world’s first distributed storage application chain with main net launched , will lead the world into a new era of network technology.

Filenet, the World’s First Public Chain of Distributed Storage Application

Filenet (FN) ( is the world’s first public chain of distributed storage application who has launched main net and is also the world’s first public chain of distributed storage application using DPOS + POC consensus mechanism. Filenet is dedicated to storing and distributing valuable content and rewards miners to contribute idle bandwidth and storage space in the form of mining . The mission of Filenet is to connect all idle storage space. Any storage device that can connect to the Internet can participate in mining and form a powerful distributed data service system. 

In November 2018, Filenet main net was released. In about a year, it has successfully completed 1.0 and 2.0 iterations and is about to enter a new stage of 3.0. Filenet has emerged as an industry leader in industrial development, applications, global nodes and business ecology, and has achieved relatively impressive results, leading the industry to a new height.

1. Top in the Industry

Since launched, Filenet has been in the top in the industry.

l World’s first distributed storage public chain who has launched the main net

l World’s first distributed storage public chain that listed on the exchange        

l World’s first distributed storage public chain using DPOS + POC consensus mechanism of mining

2. First Listed on Coineal Hits Record High

In December 2018, Filenet first listed on Coineal, with the highest increase of 350% in history, and successively listed on ZG, ZB, Boboo , BTB and other five exchanges. It is expected that Filenet will be listed on the world’s top exchange Bitfinex soon.


For one year, Filenet has targeted the distributed storage as a path for technology development, applied decentralized blockchain technology, dedicated to store and distribute valuable content, and fully found out the demand of enterprises and users for distributed storage space. Meanwhile, Filenet keeps updating and iterating the main net and gradually the popularity and explosion of distributed storage commercialization will be realized.

3. “Blockchain + Industry” Representative

There are only a handful of scenarios that combine with the real economy since the development of the blockchain. Any vanity company only with the name of the blockchain that live out of the real economy will eventually die and become a bubble squeezed by the times. The combination of blockchain and industry has become an inevitable trend.

As an excellent representative of “Blockchain + Industry”, Filenet won the “Annual Blockchain Application Adoption Award” at the Global Exchange Summit in Seoul.


4. Large Scale of Node Community

At present, the height of Filenet’s main net has reached 3,303,703. The number of global nodes is 60,000+ (Chinese nodes have exceeded 60%). The number of global super nodes has reached 47, and the scale of community and business cooperation has continued to expand and hit a new record.


Current partners include the first-tier exchanges, main chain technology R&D teams, world-renowned CDN service providers, Internet companies (including Tencent Wesee content providers, SnapChat, Byte Dance and other storage providers) and many decentralized applications DAPPs.

5. International Influence Expands

Besides having the huge community base worldwide, Filenet is renowned in the blockchain digital industry. The world’s leading digital market platforms have also included Filenet projects, like the world’s most authoritative platform CoinMarketCap.

6. Commercial Application

l     Filenet has achieved major technological breakthroughs in the field of video storage and distribution and successfully reached a commercial agreement with companies such as the exclusive supplier of Tencent Wesee, Snapchat supplier, Byte Dance and so on.

l DAPP—ZTiao, the world’s first social software developed on Filenet has run on the market, with functions such as decentralized account, distributed storage, various digital wallets and token wealth management.        


l Filenet fog computing has become one of the world’s leading fog computing service providers        


7.Packaging Node Recruitment Plan Released Globally

In order to accelerate the growth of the project and give back to the community for their support, and in order to allow community users to share and jointly manage the project more widely and in a longer time, Filenet officially announced the packaging node and autonomous community election plan to the global community.

Filenet packaging node application page link:

The packaging node election is initiated by 21 autonomous communities, and users freely compete for 105 packaging nodes. Filenet packaging node will receive an incentive of 10% of the total mining, that is, a total of 8 million FN.

As the plan announced, many communities around the world signed up and participated actively. Communities such as Coiness, Grand Shores Fund, Peer-to-Peer Capital, Polar Bear, Yuncun Technology, ET Cloud, Interplanetary Space Time and Interplanetary Node have joined the campaign.


In the future, Filenet will continue to target the distributed storage track as a path for technology development, apply decentralized blockchain technology, and focus on storing and distributing valuable content. In the era of big data, the future of Filenet is deserve to be expected.

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