Chinese Door Gods Appear in the USA as a Hot Spot on the Internet – What a Big Surprise to Netizens

New York, United States – December 30, 2019 – The coming new year 2020 is the Year of The Mouse in China. All the Chinese families are busy writing favonian ornaments and pasting couplets and Door Gods pictures on their gates during the Spring Festival to wish for good lucks in the coming year as a tradition. However, the Chinese Door Gods have recently paid a visit to the USA, as shown on the big screen of NASDAQ, which stirred a discussion and attention among overseas Chinese and American locals after being disclosed by media and journalists.

Why did the Chinese Door Gods suddenly appear in the USA? Even the weapons for mansion guard, safety pray, accomplishment supplication and auspice prayer were all not what they were. Different people have different opinions on this issue. This has become an after-dinner and after-work heated topic for the public.

Netizens were wondering whether the Door Gods will settle down in the USA. Some enthusiastic netizens even jokingly claimed that the Door Gods were no longer satisfied with being confined in China  and intended to go abroad and broaden their horizons. And some other netizens replied that the Door Gods must have gotten lost while the way to home escaped from their minds. Other intrigued netizens raced to post them on their Facebook to show off, without worrying about the probably lost Door Gods.

What was the purpose of the Door Gods for this trip? Journalists could see the four Chinese characters “Men Shen Jia Dao (Door Gods Arrive)” hung on a tall gate tower of auspicious clouds on the NASDAQ poster. Two Door Gods stood before on the gate with the spear and mace on their hands to fight the evil and keep safety are swapped by mops, claiming to wipe out impurities. This demonstrated the confidence  to protect the courtyard for their owner and to eliminate intruders at any time. Their images depicted the mouse in the Twelve Chinese Zodiac Signs. As the proverb goes, the newborns in the Year of Mouse can remember more things than others and see what others cannot see. The images of Door Gods of the Year of Mouse were highly favored by the overseas Chinese who were born in any year of mouse.

Yet what on earth happened? And what was the driving force for the Chinese Door Gods to go abroad? There were more and more people searching the news about the Door Gods on the Internet or discussing them on Facebook. Everyone wished to be the first “Lucky One” to discover the truth.

According to the public data, Shark, as showed on the popular “Door Gods Arrive” poster, is the name of a company established by Mark Rosenzweig in 1998 and headquartered in Boston, USA. The Company has successively launched the Original Steam Mop Series and the Rotator Cleaner Series. Up to now, Shark has possessed four product lines for household cleaning, which are Shark Rocket DuoClean Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Series, the Shark S1-S9 IONFLEX Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Series, the Series A Shark Vacuum Cleaners specially for Villas, and innovative Shark Steam Mops. Shark has established its image of an expert in high-tech cleansing products.

Is the Door Gods picture actually the trick of Shark? Anyway, we will keep track this issue to discover the truth for the public promptly.

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