YESHU Coconut Milk Company Featured on the NASDAQ Screen in New York’s Times Square

New York, US – Dec 30, 2019 – YESHU, one of China leading beverage companies, appeared on the NASDAQ screen in New York’s Times Square on December 27, 2019, to display the charm of Chinese enterprise to the world.


Located in one of the most popular areas of Manhattan, Times Square is known as the “crossroads of the world”. The NASDAQ screen, which attracts much attention, is known as the “No.1 screen of the world”. Many famous brands, such as P&G and Abbott, have utilized the NASDAQ screen to show their strength and images. This time, YESHU did the same to demonstrate its brand mission and image to the world.

Founded in 1986, YESHU Company is going to celebrate its 34th anniversary in 2020. The YESHU Company developed the world’s leading YESHU Brand Coconut Milk in the 1980s and was jointly awarded the “China Patent Invention and Creation Gold Award” by the World Intellectual Property Organization and the State Intellectual Property Office. A hundred years ago, the Moutai brand won the International Panama Gold Award in the United States; in October 2016, a hundred years later, YESHU Brand Coconut Milk won the International Panama Gold Award in the United States, which is the international Panama Gold Award in the history of the Chinese beverage industry.

The YESHU Company also created the YESHU Brand, one of the two national brands that can compete with international beverage brands in China. YESHU Brand Coconut Milk, YESHU Brand Mineral Water, YESHU Brand Volcanic Rock Mineral Water, and YESHU Brand Mango Juice have been designated as “Chinese State Banquet” beverages, and have received more than 100 consecutive years including Obama and three US Presidents National leader. YESHU Brand Coconut Juice and YESHU Brand Mineral Water were awarded the title of “Chinese Famous Brand Product” by the country. This was not only one of Hainan’s award-winning enterprises at that time, but also two products in the country’s beverage industry.

YESHU Company has always adhered to “two pursuits”: one is to continuously pursue its development, and the other is to pursue give back to society. For many years, the YESHU Company has made a great contribution to national disaster relief, crisis relief, and education.

Nowadays, the increasingly strong YESHU Group Corporation is also very enthusiastic in supporting social welfare charities such as teaching aids, disaster relief, and helping the poor, and has donated more than 40 million yuan to the society. In 2003, YESHU was awarded the “Love Donation Award” by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and in 2009 and 2014 by the China Charity Federation, “China Charity Outstanding Contribution (Unit) Award”. The evaluation of the Charity Federation of Hainan Province is: YESHU Group Corporation is known for its pragmatism in public welfare. From flood relief to assistance to poor students and sick people, wherever there is a difficulty, there is “YESHU” assistance.

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