With main network going live, YottaChain revolutionizes an era of storage industry

As a core IT technology, storage has gone through several evolutions: desktop storage, enterprise storage and cloud storage during 50 years’ global storage industry development. Has been driven by new technology and demands, storage advancement has ushered in a new revolution milestone in an era of big data.

On Dec. 24th, YottaChain announced an exciting new: its independently researched and developed main network is launched.  This achievement represents the world’s first commercial public storage chain is officially launched, through which will give birth to a new industry and a new ecosystem, charting a course in a new era of blockchain storage.


With the rapid development of IT industry, China has surpassed the United States in some applications such as mobile payments. However, China still lags behind in core technology for a long time, therefore it is often constrained by others. Taking storage technology as an example, our best results are only second-class in the world.

When the wheel of history advances to the era of blockchain storage, China is bestowed with another historic opportunity to break core technology monopoly. This time, China seized the opportunity and YottaChain successfully dominated core IT technology. YottaChain not only becomes world’s first public storage chain to provide commercial services to the public, but also outperforms the United States in technical architecture design and engineering implementation. The launch of Its main network marks a qualitative leap in YottaChain’s development, demonstrating China has occupied the commanding heights of blockchain storage with more advanced technology, better professional technical indicators and stronger engineering implementation capabilities,  which sends a message to the world that it’s time for China to surpass  the United States in IT core technology.

Blockchain storage is an abbreviation for Blockchain-driven WAN (Wide Area Network) storage, which means data is not stored on blockchain, but in WAN storage system. Thanks to its inherent architectural advantages, WAN storage can improve the reliability by at least 10,000 times, the availability by 100 million times compared to cloud storage, and its own luxury disaster recovery mechanism with “thousands of centers”; however, complete implementation is not easy and it is even more difficult to ensure stable operation on millions or tens of millions of edge nodes across the world. YottaChain relies on solid professional technical capabilities and strong innovation capabilities to fully demonstrate these advantages. YottaChain ensures more than a dozen storage indicators to meet commercial use requirement, with some indicators even beating existing IT giants.

In the field of blockchain storage, the most famous is IPFS from US and its incentive layer FileCoin. Its project has been developed for more than 5 years, and the public beta has just started on Dec. 15th. In comparison, YottaChain rolled out its public beta in less than a year of research and development. At present, main network has been officially released on the basis of half a year of the public beta, like a miracle.

Although the US team is well-known and heavily-financed, it lacks professional accumulation in storage and cryptography applications. Chinese team started late, but our founding team has 10-20 years of professional accumulation in storage and cryptography applications. For example, “De-TCP / IP” distributed shared storage technology surpassed the IT giants in the United States in both performance and cost. With its TruPrivacy’s ciphertext deduplication technology, YottaChain has solved the world’s problems that have beset cryptography and storage industries for more than a decade.

Facing the future, YottaChain will continue to take technological innovation as the core driving force, build a vigorous ecosystem as a strategic approach for commercial application landing, and enter international market with technological advantages.

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