An indie writer hailing from St. Louis Mo. has begun a new chapter in his life as a fictional writer

An indie writer hailing from St. Louis Mo. has begun a new chapter in his life as a fictional writer

Roland Sato Page is preparing to drop his first novel titled “Eating the Forbidden Fruit” Match of 2020. It’s a story loosely based on his career as a police officer convicted of federal crimes stemming from his affiliation to his family involved in unsavory street activity. A tale of true karma, confession, and redemption, the author takes the reader on a roller coaster journey through his life. The novel successfully fused urban crime, humor, and romance into one anticipated reading.

Eating the Forbidden Fruit is destined to be a top seller, but what’s interesting story is how the author was motivated to write the book. Putting his criminal ordeal behind him he invested into his family and a tattoo shop, Black Pearl Tattoo Gallery. He had found his purpose in life following his natural born talent is art.

The company was established in 1995 through hard work it eventually expanded into an independent music label BPENT and a promotional company which was captained by his sons, Yung Ro and Jiro. Things were looking promising when Roland was stricken by Lupus. The disease raged through his body hindering his career as a tattooist. The sons with no hesitation stepped in his shoes and elevated the company to a more youthful level.

Adding to his woes his mother, Fumi Karasawa, passed away traumatizing the entire family. The author contributed his strong will to his mom, a woman who traveled from Osaka Japan to this country, making a living for her family. Suffering from depression the family encouraged the author to start writing for therapeutic relief. Resulting in him once again discovering a second passion. Sometimes tragedy brings blessings. A trade of visual expression to literary expression.

Roland feels his novel will also be educational certainly with the current state of police and community relationship. Presently St. Louis is one of the main cities under scrutiny such as Mike Brown. He acknowledges unethical behavior has been around for years however with social media it’s to the forefront. He would like to influence young officers to avoid immoral behavior which could lead to criminal acts.


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