GID Fission System Benefits the World and the GE Public Chain is Made for the World

Over the long and ever-changing years, humans have existed in the world for more than millions of years. Unfolding the impressive historical scroll, it can be found that humanity has never experienced lasting peace and prosperity. Our ancestors have worked hard to create one civilization after another, and have tried to push the entire human race towards a better future. However, due to the complexity of human nature and the lack of trust and coordination between people, countless civilizations were annihilated in the flames of war, and human progress has been stagnant for a very long time.

The ingrained issue of trust affects generation after generation. Although many people are looking forward to changing the status quo, the beautiful wish has been defeated again and again in the face of reality, causing humans to believe that division and betrayal are the eternal truth of the world. The crisis of trust in human society cannot be solved until the advent of Blockchain technology, which brings dawn to human society.

The public chain of GENESIS ECOLOGY was born out of the darkness of the world, and found its way of natural evolution in the irregular and rampant heterogeneity, thereby ending all scams and injustices. GE combines its original dual-architecture public chain system with powerful underlying technology. It is externally open, internally tolerant, and away from the state of equilibrium. Under the solid interaction of its decentralized gene and internal and external systems, it has created vibrant energy, and spontaneously developed to a more complex and diversified system. As a result, a complex and organic ecological civilization was born – GE civilization.

In GE civilization, the GID fission system is the key to its distribution all over the world. Based on a scientific and rigorous approach, GE has deduced the pattern of evolution and alternation in the universe for billions of years. Based on this, it has developed a GID ecological fission system. It adopts the invitation system and gathers intellectual power; it invites intellectuals from all over the world to participate in this grand event.

GID fission system is not only the evolution of business logic, but also the embodiment of universe evolution pattern.

Every GID is a cell that can be cultivated and evolved. During the level 10 fission invitation, it evolves to form a prosperous system, and at the same time releases more GIDs for allocation

When a GID invites 2 GIDs, he/she can quickly cover the principal, and then continue to get the level 10 invitation reward. Every GID has a 10-level invitation relationship pyramid. Every GID in the 9 levels under my pyramid can bring me the possibility of infinite multiplication and fission. If everyone in each level invites 10 GIDs, and reach level 10, more than 12.3 billion people will contribute invitation revenue for me. The number is greater than the population of the earth, hence achieving the ultimate universe evolution.

A single life form evolves and multiplies infinitely due to fission. Every life form is connected to one another by GE, and gradually come together as points, lines, areas, and volumes to form an indestructible continuum, which not only circulates internally, but also continuously expands outward. The gears and laws of time are adopted by GE. There is controlled order in chaos, thereby generating fluidity in the internal and external logic of the GE civilization; and it continues to evolve into a giant ecology of organized complexes.

Since then, GE civilization has led humanity to the super AI era – a new era that is not shifted by the ideology of nations, organizations, and individuals. The self-organizing operation mode truly strips away centralized control and moves towards a decentralized and open state.

Genesis Public Chain is not created to satisfy its own desire, but to serve the world. It follows the path of inclusiveness and GE is born!

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