Amir Bramly – the story of the Israeli entrepreneur challenging the status quo

Amir Bramly is a leading Israeli Entrepreneur and Businessman. He is also the founder and owner of tens of companies in varied business fields. His holdings consist of various businesses of both partial and complete holdings. In his business career, Bramly has made some significant exits by selling his majority shares to leading public or well-known international institutions and private sector investors in accumulated shares valued at hundreds of millions of dollars.

In addition to his business growing activities and the exits of companies, Bramly is also known for his innovative and pioneer entrepreneurship even in the area of financial modeling and structuring, which has demonstrated a consistency of high profits and yield.

Bramly is known as a very active person not only in the area of business but also with philanthropic activity, supporting communities in need by donating to teenagers in risk, organization that supports women that experienced violence, cancer patient support organizations, and for promoting social agenda to execute economic reforms in order to reduce and minimize the socio-economical differences between the rich and the working class. His approach supports the generation of growth opportunities to mid and low-income level sectors by law and government policy.

In 2015, the “Jerusalem Prize for Entrepreneurship” was granted to the Amir Bramly Business group by the minister of economy as an appreciation for his contribution to the Israeli economy, innovative Entrepreneurs, and his support for the SMB’s in Israel. In addition, Bramly business group was a member of the “Globes Dun’s 100,” which rates and nominates the leading companies in the Israeli economy.

In the business community, Amir Bramly is known as a brilliant problem solver and a discreet “behind-the-scene” advisor. Over the years and up to the moment, Bramly consults to major businessmen and financial institutions.

The Amir Bramly business group has always maintained a strong and unique stand on Israel’s business landscape, engaging in investments, entrepreneurship, and a diversity of financing channels. As previously mentioned, Amir Bramly Group’s business portfolio has spread over a broad spectrum of activities, including Financing and Finance, Investments, Insurance Services, Business Support and Consultancy Services, Credit Risk and Business Viability Assessment, Recycling and Ecology, Retail, and a host of others. This spread and versatility cut across different business stages, sizes, locations and other diverse factors, all part of his risk management strategy to minimize the group risk and exposure.

For years, Amir Bramly lectured in major economic conferences in his field of Specialties:

  • Maximizing and increasing corporate profits
  • Analyzing financial and operational Risks
  • Identifying new business opportunities
  • Business Consulting & Analysis.


One of Bramly’s hobbies is motorsports and mainly car race driving. For years, Bramly participates in an Amateur Race Cap in Europe every couple of months. He has participated in few Rally races in Israel as well. As part of the business group, he was the owner of a sport driving school, investing a lot in order to promote motorsport in Israel.

Among Bramly’s known companies and exits as reported and estimated by leading economic and business media and press are:

  • EZBOB UK – the largest online lending platform for online business in UK
  • Wobi Insurance – a leading insurance and saving aggregation agency 
  • Hagshma Fund – Top private real estate asset management firm
  • Expo fund – real estate financing fund
  • Extreme credit systems – Software corporation specialize finance and banking
  • Silver-way credit cards – credit card platform allow client to split payments on POS
  • Double-check – strategic consulting service firm
  • WTP – waste to product – Recycling advance technology for municipal needs

EZBOB UK – Bramly estimated exit in share value of 70 million USD

Partners – Oaktree Capital, Leumi Bank, The UK Government Angel Co-Fund

Ezbob became the largest online lending platform for online business in the UK, lending over 200 Million GBP. Ezbob’s platform is customized for RBS risk requirements and to date, Ezbob’s lending experience includes processing over 60,000 SME loans, with over 10,000 full loan cycles completed. On the early years of growth, Amir Bramly was the main credit risk consultant, developing the first credit score and methodology to significantly reduce the default rate.

Wobi Insurance – Bramly estimated exit in share value of 67 million USD

Partners – White Mountain Insurance group

An innovative insurance and financial products aggregation and comparison platform, which was transformed the way consumers buyinsurance policies and aggregate their savings and pensions online. The company had one of the fastest growths and market penetration in the insurance industry on the Israeli markets.

Hagshma FundBramly estimated exit in value of 48million USD

The company is a private investment platform Hagshama, which invested Apx 1 Billion USD in real estate worldwide and was pioneer crowdfunding company in Israel business arena. The platform was innovative by allowing small and midlevel investors to gain and be part of investment opportunities, which was kept to millionerd only. Amir Bramly was part of the original group of founders.

Expo fund – with estimated accumulated loan book of over 100 million USD

Expo fund is a leading non-bank credit fund that provides credit against real-estate collaterals in Israel. The fund was established by Amir Bramly and Avi Deoitsche as a response to growing market need and demand for non-banking collaterals-backed financing. The platform includes its loan book has be bought by his partner AviDeoitsche which still control the fund.

Extreme credit systems – specialized in providing financial institutions turnkey full solution for credit scoring and processing.

Silver-way credit cards – A credit card payment platform which allows all credit card holders to split payments to up to 24 monthly payments at the point of sale in a fully automated process.

Double-check – A service and product company which provides real time analysis to companies and businesses using a cutting-edge technology and self-developed algorithm to preform analysis for the business strength and probability of default within minutes. The software named Ibex Pro also uses a segment base coemption of business financial and operational KPI’s

WTP – waste to product – A recycling factory which uses an advanced technology to reduce the cost of recycling process while significantly increasing the output recycled materials and as a result can be used in high percentage to recycle plastic products.

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