15s Video From US Army Enlisted Soldier, Samtu Palouki, Goes Viral And Gets Recognized By The US Army

December 30, 2019 – Inspired by the need to make a difference at his First Duty Station, Samtu Palouki (BerniPK), started creating random dancing videos just to cheer up his colleagues, little did he know that these videos would eventually go viral. The viral video, Select Your Character’s Uniform, gained the attention of the US Army and was shared on the US Army Official Facebook page. The 15 seconds video was also featured on popular pages like the LADBIBLEGaming Bible, and The Salty Soldier.

Since April 2018, Samtu Palouki, which goes by the nickname BerniPK, has created lots of inspiring and fun-filled short videos all from the comfort of his room during his spare moments. With over 25,000 followers on Instagram in such a short time doing videos all by himself, Samtu Palouki is an inspiration to so many people who want to get up and start doing something positive no matter where they find themselves.

My newfound passion for creating short videos has been a fulfilling one. As a filmmaker and video editor serving in the U.S Army, I make most of my videos using just my phone. I think about the topic, write the script, record, play, edit, and promote the videos. The biggest accomplishment was making a 19min short film with me as the only cast, director, producer and everything in between,” says Samtu Palouki.

The viral video, Select Your Character’s Uniform’ has gained such massive attention and with thousands of views, comments, and shares on different social media platforms. BerniePK uses his fun-filled US Army inspired videos to connect with his fans and inspire the way he knows best. One of his videos talks about fear and how to overcome it and live like a winner.

Samtu Palouki can be followed on all social media platforms via @BERNIPK

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