Karl Jobst Scholarship Announces Its 2019 Winner

Karl Jobst Scholarship Announces Its 2019 Winner

Karl Jobst poses with the winner of this year’s scholarship, Kenneth Wright.
The 2019 winner of the Karl Jobst DDS Scholarship has been selected. This year’s winner is Kenneth Wright who will be attending Newman University, thanks in part to the help of this scholarship.

The 2019 Karl Jobst Scholarship has been awarded to a deserving college student. Kenneth Wright from Newman University has been chosen as this year’s winner.

Wright graduated from Grove High School in 2019. He is a freshman Chemistry major with an environmental focus. He studies in the honors college. Wright is also a student-athlete who plays tennis at the Division II school. His accomplishments made him the perfect fit for this year’s Karl Jobst Scholarship.

“I am pleased to be able to help students like Kenneth Wright further their education,” said Karl Jobst, DDS. “Educational access is very important to me and I hope to continue to provide this scholarship well into the future.”

Karl Jobst, DDS is a dentist from Grove, Oklahoma. He has a thriving practice using high-tech methods and works to help all members of the Grove community achieve optimal dental health. He understands that dental procedures can be expensive, so he tries to keep costs under control at all times.

Jobst believes that fostering student achievement is a way to help the community. When students have more financial ability to attend the college of their choice, they can give back to their community later in life. Scholarships also cut down on the loan burden that often falls on undergraduate students.

The Karl Jobst Scholarship 2019, awarded to Kenneth Wright, recognizes his achievement in his chosen field. Wright will be able to continue his Chemistry major and his promising tennis career while he is a student at Newman University. The Karl Jobst Scholarship has provided him with a means of reducing his financial burden. When students like Kenneth Wright are recognized for their achievements, they are more likely to succeed in college and in life.

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