Helpful Tips for Selling a Distressed Property

Helpful Tips for Selling a Distressed Property

Selling a house in a buyer’s market isn’t easy. Buyers expect to pay less for more features and want the house they buy to be in perfect condition. This means homes that need extensive work don’t have a chance to sell quickly. These tips can help you get rid of your house even if buyers have rejected it.

Perform Minimal Repairs

Your house isn’t likely to pass an appraisal if it has extensive damage such as foundation problems or roofing issues. In that case, your only option might be to sell it to anOhio Cash For Homes Company. It’s not likely that you’ll recoup the cost of a major roof or foundation project. However, a cash buyer can make an offer that doesn’t require you to fix anything.

On the other hand, if the repairs standing between you and a sale are minor, it might make sense to do them. This doesn’t mean completely remodeling the kitchen but installing a new faucet in the kitchen or even a vanity in the bathroom could help a buyer make the decision to purchase your house if it’s in a nice location. Be careful not to invest more than you can recoup in the sale.

Sell on a Land Contract

Many people want to purchase homes but don’t qualify for a mortgage. A land contract can solve their problem. Buyers who enter into land contracts don’t need an appraisal so they can buy a distressed house without cash. A land contract has risks and benefits for both the buyer and seller. The buyer doesn’t have to qualify for a mortgage but that doesn’t mean you should sell your home to someone without a reasonable debt-to-income ratio. If they cannot make the rent payment every month, you’ll have to go through the process of evicting them.

In exchange for being able to sell the home in a distressed condition, sellers accept monthly payments rather than a single payment from the buyer. It’s important for sellers to carefully draft their contract to ensure their rights are protected. After exploring the pros and cons of a land contract, you might decide awe buy houses company is a more appropriate option. Cash buyers will take the home off of your hands completely.

There are many reasons why someone might want to sell their home quickly. You might be behind on your mortgage, getting divorced, need to move out of town or just don’t want to invest any more money in your house. Whether you choose to make the repairs to sell the home through a real estate agent, sell on a land contract or use a cash buyer, you can get more information at

Ohio Cash For Houses Company is based in Wilmington, Ohio. They help homeowners who are in foreclosure, have inherited a home they don’t want and those who have problem tenants. Instead of waiting months for an agent to find a buyer, homeowners can get cash for their homes in a matter of days or weeks.

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