Dr. Paul Drago of Greenville Helps Treat ENT Infections with the Help of Cosmetic Surgery

Greenville-based surgeon, Dr. Paul Drago puts his cosmetic surgery skills to good use and helps ENT patients fight off severe infections.

Dec 30, 2019 – Greenville – Residents of Greenville, South Carolina can now avail premium-quality cosmetic surgery procedures for their ENT infections at Dr. Paul Drago’s clinic.

Dr. Paul Drago is an ENT specialist who holds a degree from the University of Medicine. He comes from an interdisciplinary medical background, although his area of expertise is in the department of otolaryngology.

He has been practicing ENT for over 25 years now and in this space of time, Dr. Drago has been able to devise holistic methods of treatment for various ENT infections.

“Dr. Drago has a long history of medical practice and not just in one particular field. His knowledge spans wide within the spectrum of clinical medicine and he has been practicing cosmetic surgery for the same amount of time. It’s only natural for him to blend two different modes of treatment to find holistic solutions for ENT patients,” commented a spokesperson for Dr. Drago.

Based in South Carolina, Dr. Drago has built a wide base of clientele who often seek his support for infections within the ear, nose, mouth and throat region.

At the clinic, swathes of patients seek Dr. Drago’s help for different kinds of ENT infections. Bacterial infections in the ear are the most common, although many others report inflammation of the sinuses and painful strep-throat-like conditions.

Dr. Drago believes cosmetic surgery holds promise for clients who’re looking for a long-lasting solution to their ENT woes.

“I think it’s pretty innovative for Dr. Drago to opt for cosmetic surgery as a viable solution for ENT infections. Over the counter medications can only be effective to an extent. If you’ve got a serious condition that’s painful then why not end the suffering and just go with cosmetic surgery?” commented a staff member of Dr. Drago’s clinic.

Patients who are currently dealing with any kind of ENT infection that is also bringing about low-grade fever can book a consultation session with Dr. Drago. He can be contacted directly via the form listed on his website.

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Dr. Paul Drago is an expert surgeon and ENT specialist who has been offering holistic medical solutions to his clients for over 25 years. His area of expertise lies in dealing with infections, diseases and deformities in the ear, nose, mouth and throat areas. He is currently serving as a medical director for the corrections department of the state of South Carolina.

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