Pickens Construction Anderson, South Carolina Launches Environmentally Friendly Asphalt Milling Practices

Pickens Construction Anderson, South Carolina Launches Environmentally Friendly Asphalt Milling Practices
Pickens Construction Anderson, South Carolina has established an asphalt milling process that is highly environmentally friendly due to the fact that the reclaimed asphalt is recyclable. Otherwise known as cold planing or profiling, pavement or asphalt milling is the process of removing a portion of the surface of the pavement in a parking lot, road, bridge, or any other surface. The effect is to create either a smooth surface or to completely remove all or part of the surface.

ANDERSON, South Carolina – December 31, 2019 – Pickens Construction, a full service asphalt paving firm in South Carolina, has incorporated environmentally friendly processes for recycling used asphalt and pavement. During the asphalt milling process a layer of pavement is removed from the surface of the road, bridge, driveway, or parking lot. This process could be for the purpose of fixing, mending, or renewing the surface. A set thickness or all of the surface asphalt can be removed based on the needs of the project.

Asphalt is a common economic and efficient method for renewing the surface of the asphalt instead of outright demolition, the traditional method. Multiple pieces of heavy machinery plane the surface of the asphalt or pavement, separate, grind, and amalgamate the aggregate for reuse as fresh asphalt. This process is cost savings in two ways. First, it reduces the disposal fees of the removed asphalt. Second, it reduces purchase costs of new asphalt material and mixing time and costs.

Pavement milling can be further defined under fine milling and micro milling. Each type of process is just a further and more refined cut and profiling at a finer degree. The end products are the same in terms of the asphalt developed into reusable aggregate. However, the machinery is slightly different. Pickens Construction, Inc describes this process as highly likely to heat and injure the subsurface if the temperature is not controlled. The planing and profiling process creates an immense amount of heat as one can imagine. The process is similar to pushing the blade of a knife across a piece of wood leveling out the surface. The recycling process takes the cut asphalt or pavement pieces, grinds them up and prepares the aggregate to be used again. Often when resurfacing a road, Pickens Construction, Inc describes that they are able to reuse almost 100% of the cut asphalt.

The recycled asphalt and pavement material, when prepared into an aggregate, can be reused in most all forms of paving where asphalt is currently the material. This includes new road and highway asphalt paving & construction, resurfacing & overlays, parking lot paving, repair & maintenance, and driveway paving, repair & maintenance. The Anderson recycled asphalt and pavement material can fully accept thermal striping, which is a DOT requirement for new and existing entrances to state roads. Pickens Construction, Inc. has continued to advance their efforts to expand their environmentally friendly road paving services starting with the recycling of asphalt and pavement material. 

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Pickens Construction is a full service pavement and asphalt paving construction firm based in Anderson, South Carolina that serves the surrounding states of South Carolina and Georgia. They are a fully licensed Class A contractor, and are members of the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA).  Their review can be seen at https://goo.gl/maps/qU7Xb7SPSxDTFLT76. With over sixty five years of combined experience in the asphalt paving industry, Pickens Construction, Inc. provides the following services: pavement milling, fine milling, micro milling, concrete milling, bridge overlay removal, full road construction services (site preparation, site development, asphalt paving services, concrete construction and repair services), and crushing and screening services. Further, Pickens Construction offers many other road construction services including site demolition, brick and stone driveway installation and repair, concrete cutting, mud jacking, drilling and pumping, installation and repair of streets and sidewalks, and all kinds of paving services.

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