China-Hifi-Audio Rolls Out New Line Magnetic Tube Amplifier Gadgets To The World

China-hifi-Audio, an online store, has announced new entertainment devices for music/movie lovers. The store has said it’s rolled out new audiophile tube amplifiers such as speakers, audiophile valve preamp cables, etc. to the market.

Customers who are looking for new tube amplifiers, can now visit china-hifi-audio’s online platform and buy the best product. These devices are manufactured by knowledgeable and experienced professionals who are trained to make quality products. The gadgets best designed and come with remarkable features that will suit the needs and requirements of the customer. China-hifi-Audio store officials were quick to announce that they still looking at various methods of implementing and supplying more products to the market.

In terms of getting the best possible tube amplifier at an affordable cost in China-hifi-Audio’s store, there is perhaps no better product on the globe than Line Magnetic 508IA. With high-end technology, these products promise an excellent sound system. It has a lively and energetic response, assisting whatever you hear to come through with the same sound that first hit. It features 43kg of weight, making it portable. Furthermore, it arrives with an infrared remote control plus a tube cage cover. It’s black and utilizes two top-notch EI to enhance the output transformer. Comparatively, to increase durability, the device has a high-pressure power supply and preheating filament function.

China-Hifi-Audio Rolls Out New Line Magnetic Tube Amplifier Gadgets To The World

Line Magnetic LM-210IA is ideal for a customer who wants to listen to audio in its purest form. The gadget can give the customer the top-fidelity sound they need. The device features a weight of 31kg, plus it comes with an infrared remote control and tube cage lid. In terms of music, ease of use, and incredible appearance, then this product is the 21st-century amplifier that one should never miss. It has an installed tube lid to enhance protection and a hard made make with the perfect point-to-point wiring. Moreover, it an exciting product to buy, for it comes with four pairs of input and speaker terminals.

China-hifi-audio has a history of supplying quality amplifiers like Line Magnetic 518IA. And this has been seen through its great-design, beautifully made, and competitive cost. The device produces the sound and comes with remarkable features like a bodyweight of 35kg, a remote control, a tube cage cover, and four pairs of inputs and speaker terminals. This product is a good and compact companion that sounds as good as it appears. It provides the best combination of high-end audio, quality, flexibility, and connectivity in the class. The official of the store has come forward to please the product, saying that they are adding more stock into their store.

About China-hifi-Audio

China-hifi-Audio is an online marketplace where numerous brands and retailers sell their audiophile tube amplifiers. It is a store that allows many modes of payments and provides free-shipment of certain products. The store has majored in supplying products like speakers, integrated amplifiers, best CD-players, speakers, etc. Moreover, it has partnered with many top brands like MUZISHARE, Dussun, Opera consonance, Shanling, Bada, etc. in supplying their products. This online platform aims to reach numerous people internationally by distributing quality and durable audiophile amplifiers.

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