Auyarra hits New York’s Times Square and commandeers the screen of the cross of the world

At 0:00 on December 31, 2019 local time, Auyarra Group Jufu Advertisement lands on the NASDAQ big screen, the landmark building of Times Square in New York, USA, and sends its best wishes to people all over the world through the international platform of “cross of the world”.


This landing, Auyarra group not only uses up to 36.6 meters “the world’s first screen” C position to occupy the road and to show everyone the brand image and strength of Auyarra advocacy health concept. At the same time, Auyarra chose the special day of the New Year to bring good wishes to the world.

As a leader in the big health industry, Auyarra group was founded in 2015 and is an Australian company. Since the establishment of the company, Auyarra has been sparing no effort to explore the development and marketing of Australian health products. After 4 years, Auyarra through a large number of market research, exploration and research and human experiment, with the control of the large health market and the sensitivity to consumer demand, Auyarra brand successfully born.


The Auyarra chart chose The Times Square in New York the screen on the show, like it is more than is nearly 300000 the number of tourists every day, every year about 100 million passengers flow of the center for fame and wealth, Auyarra but also hope that through this time to show the world the hard power and brand influence and Auyarra Group, on behalf of the big to the world the first sound of a huge health industry.

The NASDAQ screen is the stage where famous Chinese companies such as Huawei, Tencent, Baidu and Alibaba have all competed to be listed on the list. In the eyes of the outside world, this is not only the place of honor for global enterprises, but also the top show place for world-class quality brands. However, the appearance of Auyarra will also focus the world’s attention on the “great health” this field and to the world demonstrated the Auyarra pursuit of continuous innovation and breakthrough brand pursuit and progress consciousness! However, Auyarra Group this bully screen has attracted the domestic and foreign media frequently and nearly 300 domestic and foreign mainstream media are competing to report!

Auyarra group products Veggie & Fruit Drink, Red Bean Purple Rice Super Shake and Jujube Fiber Grain Bar are now available on the market. Auyarra is favored and affirmed by numerous consumers for its characteristic customized service. At the same time, Auyarra also provides a broader entrepreneurial platform for more people and helps people from all walks of life to successfully realize their life value and grow into their desired beautiful appearance so as to bring happiness and happiness to more families.

For Auyarra, the successful landing of the “world’s first screen”, not only to show the world the brand of Auyarra style and brand strength, more means the determination of Auyarra to the world. In the future, Auyarra Group will be adhering to the corporate mission is “to provide the public with valuable health concepts and products. Let all individual entrepreneurs earn the respect of society”. Auyarra makes more and better products and let the whole society, human beings have a healthy and beautiful body and life!

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