Moroccan Furniture is Exotic and Glamorous From Morocco to Florida

Moroccan furniture lets the magic of Moorish palaces waft through your home. Made of unique materials such as cedarwood and walnut from the North African Atlas Mountains, Moroccan furniture is not only impressive because of its high quality: each of the individual items in our range of handcrafted with detailed brass or filigree ebony carvings. Hand-painted elements reflect the luscious colors of Morocco. Join us on a journey through our product range and discover the diversity of Arabian living culture – Arabic furniture and home accessories transform your four walls into an inspiring feel-good oasis.

Hand-carved oriental wooden furniture combines aesthetics and practical use: Behind the ornate doors of our Moroccan cabinets and under the covers of oriental chests, precious treasures find their place. Redesign rooms with one of our oriental wooden room dividers – an unmistakable eye-catcher thanks to hand-carved inlaid wood from the lemon tree or brass, leather, or copper cladding. Host guests at an oriental table or end the day in an oriental suite. Take a seat on a Moroccan couch or armchair Combining stability and delicate ornamentation, hand-painted wooden cabinets and Moorish-style furniture bring the Orient into your living room. Be inspired by our range and bring a piece of oriental elegance and zest for life to your home.


Tagine (Tagine) is the epitome of Moroccan cuisine. The Tagine, a Moroccan cooking pot made of clay with a conical lid, allows you to cook oriental delicacies gently. Made in Morocco, our Tagine pots combine traditional Arabian handicraft with the highest standards of hygiene: clay and clay saucepans are lead-free – whether enamel-coated or natural clay-based Tagine pots from Northern Morocco: oriental Tagine is easy to clean after preparing delicacies from the Orient.

A Moroccan clay pot brings all the enjoyment of the Orient to your home. Whether in simple colors or decorated with elaborate oriental ornaments – with a Moroccan Tagine unfold in your kitchen, the auspicious aromas of Moroccan cuisine.

Lamps & Lanterns

Oriental lamps and lanterns immerse each room in a special light. An Oriental lamp gives your home an exclusive unique atmosphere. A Moroccan lamp inspires you with its mysterious play of light and shadow. The filigree ornaments and individual color plays of our Oriental lamps create a unique feeling of well-being in their four walls. Whether an oriental lantern or an Arabic lamp, let yourself be enchanted by the variety of our Arabic lamps and oriental lanterns.

High quality and unusual materials such as brass, goatskin, and galvanized iron are processed in traditional craftsmanship. Moroccan craftsmanship combines tradition with modernity. Warm light and special design create the Mediterranean, relaxing flair and give your home the charm of 1001s night.

Leather Goods

Leather from Morocco not only impresses with its high quality: Made in oriental cities, their detailed design distinguishes the Moroccan leather accessories in our range. Moroccan tannery at the highest level: dyed by hand with natural dyes such as saffron, poppy, and indigo and made from natural leather, our oriental leather goods convince through their quality and captivating appearance.

The result is a special blend of traditional Moroccan craftsmanship and modern design that brings an exotic touch to everyday life. Oriental shoes, Moroccan leather belts, and Arabic bags – In our assortment, we have special treasures of Moroccan leather craftsmanship from the Orient ready for you.

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