Zenza Capital Holdings Launches “R¥O Coin” – An Ancient Currency Reborn For The Digital Age

Zenza Capital Holdings has been granted the official trademark for R¥O Coin, the first digital asset that truly embodies Japan’s first official ancient currency. Designed to be ultra-flexible, ultra-scalable, ultra-secure and user-friendly to ensure global reach and worldwide adoption, R¥O is the first true “Cryptocurrency for the Masses.”

The R¥O project started in 2015, and since then millions of dollars have been invested to build the most advanced, multi-functional, secure and adaptable blockchain protocol to ensure long-term growth.

The meticulous development of the RYO Blockchain has made it possible to fulfill Zenza Capital’s original vision: the creation of an entire ecosystem – the RYO Ecosystem – where Global Shopping and the Future of Digital Payments Connect.

Within the RYO Ecosystem, R¥O Coin, the game-changing GPS Life Wallet® and a ground-breaking e-Commerce platform, the Global Mall®, will be seamlessly integrated to provide users (both consumers and retailers) with countless benefits and usage patterns, conferring a high degree of mass usability to R¥O that has thus far eluded other cryptocurrencies.

R¥O Coin has been re-born and re-designed for the digital age, mirroring the rise of R¥O during the Tokugawa period (1603-1868) when it was used as the unified monetary system for the Japanese masses under the rule of the Shōgun. R¥O is on track to become the most widely used cryptocurrency for the daily needs of people around the world.

In this respect, Zenza Capital’s market research has already forecast the social impact that R¥O will have through mass adoption in the Asian-Pacific region, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa etc., exploiting business networks already established by the company in these markets.

The R¥O Ecosystem has been created to take the mystery and intimidation out of cryptocurrency for use in our everyday lives.

“R¥O is clearly the ultimate digital solution to resolve the usability issues that, to date, have been overlooked by existing cryptocurrencies.”


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