The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Is Back In With A New Fashion For Christmas

The Christmas fantasy comedy “The Grinch who Stole Christmas” is based on Dr. Seuss’s book. Grinch is an eccentric and misanthropic character that hates Christmas.

On the other hand, other residents in Whoville are happy and looking forward to celebrating Christmas. For that reason, they dislike Grinch because of the harmful and vengeful stunts he usually pulls on them. He plans to steal the entire town’s gifts and decorations.

The new film in 2019 is different from the previous years, for Grinch is a DJ and has a unique fashion, unlike his famous Santa Claus outfit that he has been wearing for centuries.

Grinch Has A New Fashion

Grinch is back in 2019 but with a new job. He is a DJ and is mixing Christmas music for his audience. He is seen matching beats per minute (BPMs), as well as twisting knobs between songs. Thus, Grinch is adding fun into the songs he is mixing, as well as dancing to the music.

Grinch has abandoned his famous red Santa Claus outfit and embraced a modern outlook to attract more enthusiasts.

Besides being a DJ, Grinch loves fashion. He has adorned a Faux-Leather Moto Jacket that has quilted shoulders. The Rivet brand jacket has given Grinch a slim modern fit, and ageless attitude. You can see Grinch wearing a very fancy leather jacket from

More so, the character is wearing a white classical baseball cap shape from Gucci. The cap has Original GG canvas and signature nylon and made in Italy. You can see Grinch is wearing Gucci hat for Christmas from

Thus, Grinch is seen dancing in a black jacket and white baseball cap and a black trouser. The new appearance is different from the previous years, where he wore the red Santa Suit that has a cap, buckled black belt, and boots.

Grinch Is On Social Media  

Initially, fans could only watch the Christmas fantasy comedy of films on the television. However, the holiday film of all-time has gone a notch higher. In 2018, you can now follow Grinch on social media platforms.

You can watch or download his latest funny video on entertainment sites such as YouTube, follow him and share his videos on Instagram, Facebook as well as Tic Tok.  For instance, you can now watch his latest films on YouTube. He is also featuring in the Tic Tok 2020 trend.

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels will provide you with Grinch’s funny and entertainment videos.

Grinch is a character that terrorizes the Whoville’s residents, for he plans to steal their Christmas gifts and decorations. The all-time holiday film has been experiencing some changes. Thus, in 2019, Grinch has a new job, since he is a DJ.

He has also dropped his famous Santa Claus outfit and has embraced a new fashion. He is wearing a white baseball cap and a black jacket. Today, a fan can follow and watch Grinch’s entertainment films on social media entertainment sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok in addition to YouTube.

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