2.blockchainz pushes for blockchain adoption #cryptogiveaway

2.blockchainz, also known as Jason Hsu, is not to be confused with the popular Taiwanese singer or the well-known congressman who is trying to regulate blockchain tech and development. With YouTube’s recent crackdown on crypto related channels followed by a swift reversal after community backlash, 2.blockchainz takes a different approach. Instead of trying to make money, he hosts free crypto giveaways out of his own pocket.

The catch? Write a few words showing you have read his educational posts on what’s current in the blockchain and tech startup space. 2.blockchainz believes in the technology’s future and shares his personal experience with projects he comes in contact with. He is, at the moment, personally involved with two different projects.

Forex and crypto manager scams are rampant everywhere including on Instagram. With the core idea of blockchain’s being trustless, one should not have to blindly trust another individual when considering investment. Bincentive is a platform that eliminates the need of having the investors send their assets to the traders. With limited permissions through API keys, traders may place orders for the investors on exchanges without having the rights to withdraw. Premier members have access to crypto hedge funds and a competitive DeFi alternative.

Those who have heard of Bitcoin greatly outnumber those who understand the tech behind it. For this reason, along with international governments’ progress to regulate blockchain, mass adoption is still waiting to happen. Incubated most recently out of UC Berkeley’s Blockchain Xcelerator, KryptoGO wants to help bridge that gap. The company realizes that the wait isn’t silent. With FATF rules regarding crypto set for 2020, KryptoGO is connecting fiat and crypto, the real and virtual worlds, through a non-tech friendly search engine. Its clients are currently banks, governments, and enterprises, but consumer products are soon to be released.

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