ANSWERED: Umesh Agarwal’s Untold Secrets To Mastering Credit

If you’re familiar with anyone in the credit space then you’ve probably heard the name Umesh Agarwal more times than one. As credit has become a wider, more well-known industry Umesh has definitely taken his place as one of the industry leaders and rightfully so. From early on, his parents were a huge influence on his becoming as they were business owners themselves but it wasn’t until after Umesh completed his master’s degree in engineering that he realized that he was destined for another path.

Between all his flights back and forth from the US to India, it became more and more evident that spending his life relying on someone else for a paycheck just so he could barely afford the economy airfare back home was not the direction he wanted to be moving in. As Umesh began to explore new opportunities he discovered a strategy that cut almost 100% of the costs to travel. This hack opened the door to a whole new realm that had massive potential if you knew how to play your cards right and Umesh was ready to win the game.

Umesh went into intense research to find the best rewards programs and started applying for all the top tier travel cards and in the process of earning more miles and points, he noticed that his credit had drastically improved and he had a pretty large line of credit. He then thought if it was that easy to get free flights then what other ways could he leverage his credit to his advantage? This was when Umesh finally found what he was searching for…

Fast forward to the present time, Umesh is now an established entrepreneur, credit guru, and mentor to thousands of students. He’s dedicated his life to educating the masses on what they never taught in school. He is looked at as an expert on all topics relating to client acquisition, business model design, personal credit, business credit, travel-hacking, manufactured spending and credit card arbitrage, passive income investment opportunities, credit repair, funding, and entrepreneurship.

With the increased social dependency on credit to make purchases and other major financial decisions, Umesh has put in a great deal of work to make it public knowledge that having good credit is simpler than you’d think. He offers a variety of different trainings and mentorship programs along with constantly providing free value on his Instagram. His message for everyone out there in or exploring the credit space is simple; get started, everyone begins somewhere. Dial-in and do your own due diligence and you could be just a few steps away from transforming your life. Credit is often misunderstood, but when you make sense of how it all breaks down then you too can open the doors to financial freedom.

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