Digital Marketing Agency Brokers Key Uses Innovative Ideas to Help Mortgage Brokers Grow and Scale Their Businesses


London, UK – Full service digital marketing agency Brokers Key is pleased to announce that they are offering a variety of innovative ideas to help Mortgage Brokers grow their businesses and market their services.


Originally founded in London, UK, Brokers Key is a renowned digital marketing agency that focuses solely on the business needs of Mortgage Brokers. Some of their most recent client successes have included taking four mortgage brokers from zero to seven figures, each in under ten months.

“Initially we worked with a variety of companies based in London,” says Rebecca Walker, co-founder of Brokers Key. “However, as we grew, mortgage broker companies in the United States became a significant growth market for us. With the continued movement in regulation and rates, we quickly realised the significant importance in having an agile digital strategy for these businesses to ensure long term dependability in their revenue streams.”

To help mortgage broker companies with their marketing needs, Brokers Key uses a unique approach not employed by many other marketing agencies.

“We use a robust consultative methodology, starting with identifying the root cause of our client’s business challenges. Through identifying the root cause, we then create bespoke strategies to overcome the various challenges, enabling our clients to reach their business goals,” Walker adds.

Brokers Key also takes a unique approach in the way they deliver their online marketing for their clients.

“Rather than just trying to run a campaign where the goal is to sell services right off the bat, our strategy approaches things from a different angle,” states Walker. “We educate their target audience about the specific benefits of using our client’s services. We ensure that our clients differentiating capabilities (for example, low mortgage rates, lenders, LTV requirements, or FICO scores) is what ultimately attracts new customers, increasing conversion rates and the quality of new customers.”

According to Walker, by educating their clients’ target audience with these specific characteristics, rather than having to chase leads, their unique marketing approach brings customers directly to their clients.

“One of the worst things we see mortgage brokers doing today is purchasing leads from lead vendors. These leads usually tend to be cheap, low-quality, and mainly tire-kickers.”

Brokers Key prefers to generate leads for mortgage brokers that supply information about their home, credit score, financials, and more, pre-approving customers before adding them to the client’s pipeline. As a result, leads are much more effective and valuable to these businesses.

“We are very proud of our methods and look forward to helping additional mortgage broking companies in the future,” says Walker. “We’re here to help and would be delighted to talk to you about your specific needs.”

About the Company

A full service digital marketing company,Brokers Key are experts in helping Mortgage Broker owners understand and leverage digital marketing strategies to grow their business.

Founded by experts in the industry who previously managed the digital marketing accounts for FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 companies, the company brings a wealth of experience in helping businesses solve their most complex challenges and maximise their online profits with bespoke online strategies.

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