Introducing SelfServiceOO: The Leading Digital Ordering Solution for the Hospitality Industry

SelfServiceOO offers a unique business model that helps realize the full potential of restaurants and service kitchens.

Los Angeles, CA – SelfServiceOO, the leading digital ordering solution for the hospitality industry, is pleased to announce that it offers a complete range of digital marketing services to help businesses scale their digital ordering and realize their full potential.

A fully equipped digital agency, SelfServiceOO offers solutions that range from technology and operations management to business strategy, creative design and digital marketing. According to company spokesperson Sammy Duenas, the SelfServiceOO team has decades of experience in both the digital and hospitality industries, and is well equipped to offer expert advice and solutions for any type of business.


“Whether you’re a hotel, restaurant, cafe, caterer, theater or theme park, we can help take your business to the next level,” says Jared Matthew, Executive Director of Digital Restaurant Innovation. “We are familiar with how you work and we’re very much aware of the issues and problems that you face on a daily basis. With that in mind, we can provide phenomenal digital ordering solutions to meet your needs.”


Matthew emphasizes that the SelfServiceOO team does not subscribe to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ philosophy.


“Everything we do is carefully crafted and customized for your unique situation. Also, we are very much aware that the hospitality landscape is constantly evolving, so we will advise you about current opportunities that you may have never even considered.”

The demand for digital ordering has skyrocketed over the last few years. Statistics show that almost 60% of consumers in the U.S. are placing digital orders at least once a week, and 20% of these consumers report spending more on digital orders than on in-store orders. It’s also been predicted that orders placed via smartphones and mobile apps will become a $38 billion industry as early as 2020.

“If your digital marketing methods aren’t fully up to par, you’re probably losing out on a lot of business. We’d love to chat with you about your specific needs and would be delighted to offer you a free consultation.”

About the Company

SelfServiceOO™ is on a mission to provide the hospitality industry with leading digital ordering solutions. The company helps modernize, simplify, and monetize service kitchens while delivering a best-in-class experience for customers. With pricing that’s clear, fair and honest, there are no hidden fees.  Committed to the growth of its clients, SelfServiceOO also pays back 5¢ from every order to clients’ businesses.

For more information, or to request a free consultation, visit the website at

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