More Perks From DB3 Digital Bank As It Targets The Global Market In 2020

Hongkong – Jan 2, 2020 – DB3 Digital Bank is targeting the global digital assets market in 2020. It has improved on its current arsenal and looks set for a higher market share ratio in the fast growing digital finance arena come 2020.

According to internal sources from DB3 International Holding Limited, 2019 has been a year of massive capital accumulation and intensive technological research development. The hard work has paid off and they are receiving increasing support from various international financial consortia as well as finance professionals. With the acclaims received, DB3 is confident of their products and services going into the year 2020.


DB3 International Holding Limited is an UK entity with a registered capital of £100 million, its core business sectors include cryptocurrency, blockchain and banking. Its banking license is registered in The Dominican Republic with operations as a private offshore bank, primarily catering to institutions or High Net-Worth Individuals, providing them with global digital assets investment and management services.

As of end 2019, a host of international financial media including Daily Herald, USA Today Finance, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Fox News have published various favourable reports on DB3 Digital Bank. In addition, many world-renowned financial and economic forums, as well as financial experts have also expressed strong interest in DB3 and are very optimistic about its development. Amidst all the favourable reports, the entire digital assets market looks to hit a new height with DB3’s renewed global positioning in 2020.


The reason why DB3 is getting so much attention and positive reviews from all the financial media is the fact that it possesses a unique investment philosophy and offers “normal banking services” to digital assets. Since the day of establishment, DB3 has been committed to service its clients with “normal banking services” for their digital currencies. Clients’ digital currencies can be “banked” as a deposit and is available for various crypto operation services DB3 is providing. In addition, DB3 also deploys a balanced investment strategy and applies this concept to all relevant businesses. Clients can also view all DB3 investment transaction records using the MT4 system online at any time. DB3’s trading system also incorporates blockchain technology, making each transaction record fair, transparent and cannot be tampered with.


As a result of DB3’s innovative approach, it has gained a large number of followers around the world and is currently regarded as one of the leading digital banks in the market of digital assets management. With an anticipated strong market performance for the industry in 2020, DB3’s management states that DB3 will continue to innovate and will satisfy not only the clients’ need for digital currencies asset management, but also continuing in its pursuit to be a global leader in the digital assets management industry. In the new era of digital finance, DB3 hopes to be the benchmark for others to follow!

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