CiC Beauty Releases “Neo Powder® Shampoo” – A Water Activated Cleanser Instantly Creates A New Paradigm In The World Of Hair Shampoo

CiC Beauty Releases “Neo Powder® Shampoo” - A Water Activated Cleanser Instantly Creates A New Paradigm In The World Of Hair Shampoo
When water is used with traditional shampoos, it only dilutes the ingredients while decreasing their overall effect. It fails to provide proper nourishment and care to the health of your hair. CiC Beauty’s Neo Powder Shampoo provides a waterless
product by replacing it with Hyaluronic Acid which is far more hydrating. The natural hydration ingredient present in traditional shampoos is not capable of working well with the natural serum of the scalp.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – January 2, 2020 – Water based hair shampoos have been around for many decades. When is the last time a revolutionary hair shampoo product hit the market? When a shampoo product is made at the lab with water as a solvent already in the formula, it can sit on warehouse and store shelves for years and be subject to all kinds of temperature changes in the shipping process. 

Meanwhile, all of the active ingredients are subject to “Molecular Bouncing” which degrades the overall water-based shampoo that needs to have preservatives to prevent bacterial growth and the synergistic effect of the formula as each ingredient is diluted and degraded. 

CiC Beauty has disrupted the hair shampoo industry with their new “Neo Powder Water Activated Shampoo” product. The shampoo industry has stood up and taken notice, as a matter of fact, it has made their hair stand up on its ends. This product has sound science behind it and the use of natural ingredients makes it a real winner. 

Here are some of the features and benefits of “Neo Powder”: 

It is ecologically conscious, helps in saving water. 

It promotes the overall production of natural melanin which is good for the health of your hair and keep your hair young longer. 

It can be easily stored anywhere. Its lightweight nature allows you to travel without any issue of carrying liquid in your checked bag. 

One bottle of the Neo Powder® shampoo can last up to 4 times longer when compared to any traditional shampoo. 

It can help you in removing the excessive amount of sebum from your scalp while balancing the ph and improving new hair growth. 

The waterless product comes without any added preservative, since it contains no water there is no room for bacteria to grow. 

Natural essential oil fragrance from a rich blend of hemp and ginger.

cicbeauty® provides an improved way to properly cleanse the scalp while simultaneously giving a helping hand to save the planet. This brand-new product promotes the concept of saving water. Neo Powder® Shampoo is basically the first ever shampoo which is made up of 100 percent effective ingredients. It aims at changing your entire look with a new mode of thinking and hair care routine. 

What makes this brand unique is their “adept secret”, with all items in the brand using the adept® complex. While most companies focus on masking the issues of damaged hair, cic beauty made its mission to make improvements starting at the scalp level. 

For healthy hair the secret is their triple action technology: 

1. Stimulate the scalp (caffeine and B3)
2. nourishing the hair with hyaluronic acid for vibrant, shiny and refreshed hair.
3. promote natural melanin production for natural tones. 

Caffeine and vitamin B3 (Niacin) stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth. Hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 for a fuller, thicker hair. Apple Cider Vinegar balances PH and closes hair cuticles to reduce frizz. The complete list of ingredients is available on their website. 

Giving Back To The Community: 

The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project, empowers and transforms vulnerable and impoverished communities in Uganda. They believe that all human beings have the right to education, food, shelter, basic healthcare, respect and love. More than 1.1 million children in Uganda have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS. Extended family members and orphanages face enormous obstacles in providing care and hygiene for these children. 

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson explained, “When we were in Uganda, we wanted to help the orphans. We wanted to make something for them as well, but the problem is in shipping the products there. Then we realized that what is heavy in the shampoo products is the water, make them without water and it would be much cheaper to ship there.” 

He goes on to say, ”Our product is concentrated so that they only need to use just a little and use the local water (river and lake) for its activation.  The product will not hurt the environment since it is all natural.” 

With your help, cicbeauty® will provide 1 bottle of Neo Powder® Water-Activated Cleanser to an orphan for each bottle that is sold through our site. Making a waterless shampoo will help with the cost of transport and help to eliminate the wasting of water. 

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