Zhuxian Town Woodcut New Year Paintings Group Releases the World’s First Intangible Cultural Property White Paper

Recently, Zhuxian Town Woodcut New Year Paintings Group released the world’s first “Intangible Cultural Property White Paper” – ART TIME & Zhuxian Town Woodcut New Year Paintings on www.kaifeng.com

The white paper describes the use of blockchain technology and cultural heritage objects, based on the principles of industry driven and service to the real economy, to launch the world’s first “intangible cultural property” roadmap and issue the world’s first intangible cultural heritage token (art time). The following is a summary:

“Chinese Spring Festival’s ‘new year culture’ is the most profound culture in Chinese traditional culture, and it has the highest status in the eyes of the global Chinese. New Year Paintings are the necessities for Chinese families to pray for thousands of years. It is also the most important thing for Chinese people to invite them to celebrate the Spring Festival.”

“Kaifeng is a city that has ever created the highest record of economy, art and civilization in human history. It is a famous historical and cultural city in China. Zhuxian Town, Kaifeng City is one of the four famous towns in Chinese history, and famous for its woodcut New Year paintings. It is understood that there were more than 300 workshops in Ming and Qing Dynasties.”

Zhuxian Town Woodcut New Year Paintings Group is a state-owned joint-stock enterprise. It aims to promote the wood watermark technology and the ancestor of new year’s painting – Zhuxian Town Woodcut New Year’s Paintings, and regain its artistic value and vitality after 1200 years.”

Therefore, according to different factors such as production process, number of issues, IP content and so on, the lowest starting price of the first intangible cultural property combined with objects and blockchain technology is about 20,000 yuan (about 3,000 US dollars) per piece. Moreover, it is issued by Hong Kong Art Gallery of Greater Victoria for global unified management.

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