Leland Yeshua DeWayne was Witnessed Departing at Henderson Executive Airport ahead of the Holidays

Henderson, NV – Universal Music Publishing Group Executive, Hollywood Area Creative Director, United Nations Ambassador, and Space Market Activist Leland Yeshua DeWayne arrived in a black Cadillac SUV via the tarmac of Las Vegas’ private airport near Henderson, Nevada on Monday, December 16th.

Las Vegas holds infamous notoriety throughout the ample and most extensive stretches of the planet. Dubbed “Sin City”, the metropolis is globally renowned as the Gaming Capital of the World. Daily, the municipality process an excess amount of 27 million dollars; solely regarding new monies. Not only is Sin City a center-hub representing the world’s gaming community, it remains vastly unknown as a major investment capitalist keystone, regarding a majority of projects in the Los Angeles Hollywood entertainment industry and surrounding West Coast area. 

In just a few hours, not becoming overly indulged, with the Christmas holiday season still sitting upon us all, the world will; as whole, observe together the turning of a decade. Overly hyped and highly anticipated, ‘The Year 2020’, referenced as the coming of ages or dawn of the century, is due to centralize and accelerate worldwide sustainable technology efforts whilst further maximizing global humanitarian lifestyle advantages. Bringing with it the much-prepared storm, surrounding various socioeconomic marketplace take-offs, the year holds strong predictions foundationally renewing advancements in areas of new technology, robotics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, bioengineering, and aerospace exploration; as the A.D. calendar approaches its twentieth year into the new century. 

“At age 31, Creative Director Leland Yeshua DeWayne appears a youngster when referenced to the aged and more experienced Recording Executives in his direct category. Beginning the foundations of his professional career in 2009 during a nationwide, Def Jam led, [UMG] subsidizing A&R Tour; his tenured corporate-level entertainment experience allows him the ability to provide his artist roster with the best possible music business analytics, success-insight, fan base reciprocity results, exterior market placement agendas and [general] career longevity goals.” (KTNV | ABC 2 Las Vegas/Reno) 

Representatives for the executive said, “Leland DeWayne believes strongly in molding the individual creativity of the company’s artists and looks forward to guiding the evolution of music as a whole into the new age.” (CBS News) 

The city and community of Hollywood is no doubt a critical role-player to widespread seasonal trends, setting tones that define the years, as well as shape a global pop culture representing the soul of the millennia. From car shows to music, film and television, award shows, breakout fashion brands or philanthropic events; this annual, yet seasonal, trend-shifting transition brings the most bustling time of the year for even the entertainment industry’s workshops. 

Executive Leland Yeshua DeWayne recently partook in some of Hollywood’s off-season camera action as well. With a frenzy of creative compositions requiring multiple personnel, erupting across the city, as many television shows and films close the year following: finales, specials, and motion picture surprises; his evolution or migration within the U.S. film industry may appear highly unpredicted for the newly engaged precious elements broker and aerospace activist. 

Thursday, December 12th, Creative Yeshua arrived in Studio City recording voiceovers with Sony Pictures and Pixar regarding two separate animated films, releasing next year. Later during the evening, he made his way to Culver City where he attended the final rehearsal sessions for ABC’s holidayspecial presentation of ‘Good Times’, as an insight creative. The hour long Live Special aired Wednesday, December 18th starring actors such as Andre Braugher, Jay Pharoh, and Jherrel Jerome with a cast of all-star actresses including Tiffany Haddish, Viola Davis, and Corinne Foxx. “Additionally, ABC’s Anthony Anderson and Patti LaBelle [performed] the theme song live.” (Dateline) 

Friday, December 13th, Director Yeshua arrived as a supporting cast member for a private filming session in the San Fernando Valley. As a ‘special appearance’ guest, highlighting a mid-season finale of the CBS primetime show S.W.A.T., he remained on set the full day interim exiting multiple studio trailers and taking pictures with various fans alongside crime-drama sitcom stars Shemar Moore, Lina Esco, and Jay Harrington. 

The executive spent some time earlier this year on the East Coast as well, attending events in both areas of entertainment and philanthropy, stopping by several prominent financial offices in Manhattan including his personal office at the United Nations Headquarters. He opened up to various staff at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards held August 26th in Newark, New Jersey. ‘During a backstage interview involving the MTV Awards’ event sponsored media staff, Leland Yeshua DeWayne disclosed a limited array of his summer activities aside his personal commitments and local Hollywood friendships, stating – 

“It has been an extremely busy summer for me. Outside of what … media … may have disclosed, I have entered into a sum of engagements with NASA, SpaceX, and the Space Center. 

“These engagements and fulfillments are centered [on] the music and entertainment markets’ placement within the developing Space Industry and Marketplace. Furthermore, I am currently working with various technology groups in California, Alabama, and Texas around several patents with one of them being a gravitationally reintroduced sup-atmospheric SpaceArena or Space Events Coliseum… like Station. 

“I have entered into agreements with several representatives of various continental African Governments regarding increasing raw precious metals and gemstone imports into the United States.” (ABC News) 

Creative Director Yeshua also attended the 45th E! People’s Choice Awards held Sunday, November 10th at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California as well the Charlie’s Angels world premiere hosted by the Westwood Regency Theater the following Monday evening, November, 11th. 

Executive Creative Director Leland DeWayne is a frequenter of many Hollywood Industries events as well as private philanthropic gatherings. The United Nations Communitarian Ambassador is notorious for keeping an extremely low public profile amid his dealings respecting the Hollywood Hills lifestyle. He is one, “for attending events such as the Recording Academy’s annual Grammy Special and the New York Metropolitan Museums annual Met Ball Fashion Gala in custom-tailored Brioni and Armani suits […]” (CultHub) 

The former Roc Nation Senior Executive again reunited with longtime friend and previous music industry client artist, popstar-icon Rihanna, during a brief yet intimate moment at the AFI Film Festival; where he and others, such as Zendaya Coleman, attended the private opening screening of ‘Queen & Slim’ Friday, November 15th. AFI is the longest-running international film festival in Los Angeles. This year, the event brought the spectacular motion picture showcase to the Hollywood Boulevard’s historic TCL Chinese Theater.  

The executive also attended the first annual Shawn Carter Foundation Gala. Arriving at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida the following Saturday, November 16, 2019. Early speculations suggested the Creative Director possibly attended the Revolve Awards host by Goya Studios in Los Angeles late, the prior evening. “Jay Z has once again turned lemons into lemonade. Instead of getting caught in the Barneys racial-profiling mess, he’s managed to take control and turn the controversy to his advantage.” (Washington Post) 

Sunday, November 17th, the Creative Director took the city in style. Arriving privately in Las Vegas the executive attended the annual Soul Train Awards held at the Orleans Arena. The awards ceremony brought its exceptional flavour to the magical city providing celebrity hosting from Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold, of the classic 90’s sitcom ‘Martin.’ “The 2019 BET Soul Train Awards hit Las Vegas this past weekend and blessed the city with Peace, Love, and Soul. It was the first year the network hosted the awards show LIVE in Las Vegas.” (KSNV | NBC Las Vegas) 

Returning to Los Angeles, California, Leland arrived personally and observed a professionally casual-styled look at the 2019 L.A. Auto Show held November 22 through December 1. Attending the Tesla Cybertruck concept unveiling on Friday, November 22nd, DeWayne arrived downtown as the L.A. Convention Center provided the venue hosting. “Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveils the company’s long awaited electric pickup truck. But all of the demonstrations didn’t go as planned.” (USA Today) 

The executive, Yeshua, appeared in good spirits, previously omitted as a guest speaker at the SpaceX ‘quarterly.’ His appearance, motioned behalf the Hollywood entertainment community, grew abandoned regarding extensive hospital care stabilizing trauma-grade injuries the creative received after his involvement in an October vehicular incident. L DeWayne was asked to speak at the event, held October 15th, alongside Elon Musk, California’s Space Center, and representatives from NASA; regarding outside fast-track Aerospace Funding and highlighting the coming year’s goals moreover intuitively addressing the roles of entertainment within the developing space market.  

“Leland DeWayne is also a stakeholder and partner in renewable energy technologist Elon Musk’s Tesla and SpaceX companies.” (Armani Japan) 

Sunday, November 24th, Leland Yeshua DeWayne attended the 47th American Music Awards. With respects, the 2019 AMAs returned for another year providing grand performances from Taylor Swift to Lizzo and others. The awards presentation, created in 1973 by American Radio and Television personality Dick Clark, initially took over primetime television following an expiration of the ABC Network’s contract bequeath the Grammys’ presentational hosting. This year’s ceremony selected venue hosting provisions by the Microsoft Theatre in Downtown, Los Angeles. Swift broke the record for most victories for an artist, formerly held by Michael Jackson.” (USAToday) 

Los Angeles area tabloid media company TMZ uncovered details appropriating the furtive executive’s Thanksgiving activities, claiming the director spent some of his November holiday festivities hosting a ‘Friendsgiving’ event at his private vacation property on the sand-covered beaches of Malibu, California. Stars such as Kendall and Kylie Jenner attended the midday November 27th gathering. 

November 28th, Yeshua arrived privately at Australia’s Bankstown Airport. The creative director attended the 2019 GQ: Men of the Year Awards. Also announcing an upcoming annual fashion awards series, the 13th annual GQ Magazine black-tie event hosted nearly 300 guests at the Hyatt Regency in Sydney, “[honoring] the men and women who shape the world’s cultural landscapes in sport, style, entertainment and more.” (Independent UK) 

While away from home Leland’s primary focus remains geared towards some of his many ongoing world leadership projects such as Los Angeles Industry Ambassador for UNICEF, United Nations Young Leaders Consulate, ASCAP Ambassador to the United States Congress, as well as his engagements in a variety of foreign projects abroad. Universal NBC News Washington D.C. associate and personal acquaintance Shomari Stone confirms, “DeWayne has been involved in many non-profit projects and works closely with a variety of government agencies in the United States and overseas promoting populous welfare through the creative arts.” (Bloomberg) 

Families around the globe gather amidst the current weeks, multiple millions, as children become told the stories of Christmases old. Local malls and shopping centers begin to overcrowd amongst the scattered United States as America’s middle-class citizens “empty their wallets” for ‘the season of giving’ and prepare their accounts and files, coordinating the year’s Federal and State income tax returns. Major corporations and financial institutions as well as Hollywood’s varied-entertainment industries stand heavily involved in the necessary processes of rolling the books, fiscal year, and decadal calendar. 

Leland Yeshua DeWayne is a frequenter, visiting the Las Vegas metropolitan area routinely. As one of his West Coast home properties abides just outside the magical vacation city, the parcel aligns seated adjacent the city’s executive airport inhabiting the southern desert valley. He and his great uncle are nearly neighbors, holding residencies in the gated-estates compound of Anthem Country Club on the ritzy Las Vegas, southern residential, executive township side. Nesting gently in the surrounding hills, behind Las Vegas’ exclusive Green Valley South executive-homestead, dwells the private, golf course laden communities of Seven Hills, Mc Donald Ranch, and Anthem.  

The Creative Director purchased his mega-villa, on the country club’s golf course, after returning from pop vocal artist Rihanna’s Anti World Tour. He is often about, seen entering the vast neighborhoods on many weekends and heavily in 2017, while caring for his grandmother and uncle. 

Spending the majority of his personal time this month shopping some of the West Coast’s most exclusive boutiques, the creative also provided himself some much-needed leisure time attending select Golden State Warriors’ home and away games in the area.  

Arriving in Las Vegas, as the night of Friday, December 13th continued, the executive traveled to the downtown Las Vegas Strip district entering the Palms Casino Resort alone. Leland DeWayne attended the NBA Warriors vs. Jazz game in Salt Lake City, Utah earlier that evening after a lengthy two-day film session with Sony Pictures Studios, Walt Disney Television ABC, Paramount Pictures, and CBS. 

“Leland Yeshua DeWayne is known notoriously among Los Angeles’ community of industry suits and creatives locally [within] the city. As a prominent creative director who dabbles in almost every inch of the city’s entertainment industries, he [works] closely on music concepts, as well as music in film, with artists at the top of Universal’s catalogue; leading the creation of projects for performers including Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, J Cole, Cassie, Rita Ora, Drake, Demi Lovato, Nicki Minaj, [Taylor Swift and others].” (Mena Report | Dubai) 

December, being the grandest Holiday month of the year’s end season, provides a more tranquil time for residents of the U.S. Pacific West Coast. The cooler weather and rains bring the Los Angeles tourist season nearly to a halt. Multi-artist concerts including the hip-hop genre Rolling Loud Festival showcase the music season’s closing. Professional sports such as the NHL, NBA and NFL tend to take the highlight as well as the nation’s political matters, ahead of the New Year. 

Saturday, December 14th, executive DeWayne attended a home going ceremony for a childhood religious mother, Elder Pastor Mozena Durham of a family church in Chicago, Illinois. Taking to Instagram after stopping by a Southside favorite, J&J’s Chicken and Fish, the Mid West native shared his remembrance via social media. The executive made the 5-hour flight back to Las Vegas, attending Andraya Michele’s SuperDown X Draya after party and fashion event. Fellow, Hollywood-area, musician Jakhari Durham also attended the Celebration of Life Ceremony in Chicago. 

At age 19, Chicago born drummer Jakhari Durham “The Kid” is becoming an underground sensation throughout the mass venues speckling the Hollywood Boulevard. The young drummer accounts his success to his mom, family, instructors, and God. Currently involved in advanced music technology classes at a Los Angeles area college, the young musician enjoys hiking and exercising his creativity in various Hollywood recording studios. Recently featured in Hollywood’s Voyage LA magazine, the drummer opened up, to local area journalists. “Before we jump in, [Jakhari gives exclusive] details about [himself] and [his] story.” (Voyage LA) 

With the sputtering of the giving season all about, retail and department stores look to empty their shelves of last year’s old stock. The cycle lapse of IP-patent claim and release allows storefronts the ability to begin making room for the start of next season’s new tech, abet California’s Silicon Valley. Fashion enterprises begin capitalization on a blank pallet of serving annual trends, with major high fashion houses closing licensings and brand purchases, whether sobeit Milan or Manhattan. 

With nearly eight million Instagram followers and three plus fashion brands under her conglomerate, social influencer Draya Michele aims to keep her style fresh. Partnering with Revolve as one of the company’s first collaborators, she is pioneering a new brand-imprint and bringing affordable fashion to her empire. The Hollywood diva-elite owns the increasingly popular fashion brands Mint Swim and Beige Coco, while operating a retail store and her growing the Brand Nails salon in Los Angele’s San Fernando Valley. “Draya’s fans can look forward to monthly releases from her partnership with Superdown until February of next year.” (Inquisitr) 

With many Los Angeles area-based influencers spending their down time for personal travels and pampering, it is no major surprise; tabloid media found the two, longtime Hollywood area friends, spending so much fellowship together. Leland DeWayne assisted the young, blooming fashionista during May and June as the brick-and-mortar store’s creative, conceiving immaculate project oversight, regarding her retail complex and expanding enterprise. Celebrating the grand opening of the Mint Swim and partner retailer’s Ventura Boulevard corner-plaza this summer, the executive routinely recognizes her various achievements in business success and personal development. The two recently dined at the popular Nobu restaurant, during a mid-week in early November. With paparazzi cameras religiously occupying the vicinity most weekend nights, the famed Los Angeles eatery resides near Creative Director Yeshua’s beachfront home, in Malibu. 

Andraya was respectfully awarded Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2019 Revolve Fashion Awards held Friday, November 15th in Las Vegas. Having remained personal friends for many years, the two originally met through mutual acquaintances R&B singer Cassie and hip-hop rapper Jay Z. 

Returning from Chicago ahead Christmas, Director Yeshua stayed in the Las Vegas West Coast area. Attending the NAACP’s female-oriented Woman of the Year pre-fundraiser event, held Sunday afternoon, December 15th. He and other guests acknowledged comfortable hosting provided via the Cosmopolitan Hotel Casino. Retiring to the MGM Grand Arena, he attended the Las Vegas performance showing of Ariana Grande’s Sweetener World Tour, Sunday night. The executive uploaded behind-the-scenes videos to his Instagram account profile. One of such postings appeared to show a pink Cadillac Deville stage-prop, disguisedly awaiting backstage with a roaring crowd filling the arena’s background, preceding the show’s opening. 

Through his tenure at Universal Music Group, Director Leland Yeshua DeWayne has unprecedentedly exceeded the expectations set, pertaining the direct artist catalog and excelled in advance restructuring and distributions management implementations. Often catering, and catered by, Chief Officers maintaining various sub-labels under the UMG corporate umbrella, the executive’s decadal wave collaborations prove a sustained powerhouse holding the century.  

Quietly attending such yearlong tour schedules created for roster recording artists like vocalist Robyn Fenty, Yeshua continues his unmediated firsthand project management approach approximately half a decade after the Diamonds and Anti World Tours’ heights ended. Leland DeWayne also supported various legs of the Manga Carta Tour with hip-hop artist Shawn “Jay Z” Carter, under the epitaph Holy Grail. 

“Delivering exceptional creative contributions to both the Thank You Next and Sweetener albums, it is expected that the Executive would attend at least a couple shows on the months’ long [2019] tour.” (New-York Chronicle) 

Leland DeWayne departed from Henderson Executive Airport Monday, December 16th. Arriving in a black Cadillac Escalade sport utility vehicle, he boarded the small Learjet Gulfstream 650 from the airport’s tarmac level, with minimal luggage. Roughly half an hour later, the creative director arrived at Hollywood’s private Burbank Airport in northern Los Angeles County.  

Briefly accommodating his home in the city’s privately gated West Hills, Yeshua attended the world premiere of Star Wars: Episode IX the Rise of Skywalker during the evening. The saga’s ninth and final chapter released in theaters worldwide Friday, December 22nd. “The mood inside the Dolby Theatre was upbeat and enthusiastic in the countdown to Episode IX, which has been billed as the conclusion to the three Star Wars trilogies that began in 1977.” (Vanity Fair) 

Executive Creative Director Leland Yeshua DeWayne has remained committed to his personal privacy since returning to Los Angeles. Currently withheld, details of his past week’s operations are not yet publicly available. Representatives for the executive declined to readily provide national mainstream media journalists with updated directstatements.

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