Moxie Inc. – Trusted Family Mediation Clinic in Minnesota for Dispute Resolution, Coaching, and Therapy

Moxie Inc. - Trusted Family Mediation Clinic in Minnesota for Dispute Resolution, Coaching, and Therapy
Moxie Inc. is run by a team of dedicated professionals that helps families cope with difficult times. Couples going through separation or divorce proceedings benefit from the counseling offered, and the amicable settlement of parenting issues.

According to announcements released by Moxie Inc. and Michael Goldfarb, the family mediation clinic continues to help families in Minnesota tide over difficult times in a dignified manner.

According to sources, the skilled psychologists at Moxie Inc. work with couples who are separating or divorcing and want to ensure that the issues are settled with minimum stress for all involved, including their children. Moxie Inc. introduces parents to solutions that enable them to view the situation pragmatically and also makes them aware of a child’s perspective. The team at Moxie Inc. includes trained psychologists and clinical social workers that work with parents to develop child-centered solutions. The clinic, when appointed as a parenting consultant, mediates such that parents can make informed and sensitive decisions about their children under the expert counseling offered by Moxie Inc. The clinic provides suggestions and recommendations to work out a solution that gives paramount importance to a child’s interests. All the information shared between parental consultants and parents, appearing together or individually, is made available to all involved parties.

To help families find the right solution, Moxie Inc. offers many different services, including mediation, parenting coaching, early neutral evaluation, custody evaluation, and parenting consulting.

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Michael Goldfarb of Moxie Inc. said, “Before you engage in a lengthy custody case, you need to weigh the costs and benefits. Social Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE) could give you an accurate perspective about the potential outcome if your case were to proceed to trial. The SENE begins with parents presenting information about their family to a team of two neutrals (typically one male and one female evaluator). The evaluators listen to the facts presented by the parents and their attorneys, then provide a neutral opinion of what the outcome would most likely be if your case went to trial. A SENE can provide you and your co-parent with the perspective you both need to create agreements and settlement options that are thoughtful and well-considered, not just fueled by emotion.

Elaborating on the importance of both parents being available for a child, Goldfarb said, “whether you like it or not, your ex remains the children’s only other parent. That means he/she is, along with you, the most important person in your children’s lives. That is an unavoidable and inescapable truth. You may be working hard to put your relationship with your ex behind you in an effort to build a new and better life for yourself, but your shared children have a very different road to travel than you do. They have to find their feet and find a way to live and thrive that allows them to know, at all times, that they have two parents in their corner, even if they live with only one of them at any given moment. Parents divorce one another, and adult relationships may fizzle, but a parent remains a parent forever.”

Apart from dispute resolution, Moxie Inc. also offers EMDR therapy for mitigating psychological trauma as well as coaching for both parents to ensure smoother communication and mental preparation for any stressful events that may follow.

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