Outsource Software Development – Cuelogic Technologies Opens New Center in New York City

Cuelogic Technologies has announced the opening of a new software development center in New York City. Businesses seeking to outsource software development benefit from a lean and agile development process, and greatly reduced overhead costs.

Cuelogic Technologies Pvt Ltd has announced that the company has opened a new delivery center in New York City. Businesses looking to outsource software development can benefit from the experience and expertise of Cuelogic. The company works with Fortune 500 enterprises, SMEs and high-growth startups.

According to sources, small businesses, and enterprises, both can leverage the company’s expertise in developing robust software for their needs. Cuelogic also works with software companies that seek to stay on the cutting edge of software development. Through Cuelogic, software companies can minimize the costs and risks associated with creating new software. Today, rapidly changing technologies and accompanying advances demand specialized skills and experience. Software is omniscient across businesses, but not every business has the talent pool or financial wherewithal to develop the right software. Cuelogic does that for its clients via its expertise in existing and emerging technologies. The company, in its approach to outsourced software development projects, adopts a personalized approach along with flexible engagement models.

An overall reduction in software development costs is just one of the many benefits of working with Cuelogic. Companies also save valuable time because they don’t have to interview, hire, train, and house employees for IT projects. Another highlight of their delivery remains that the software that they build is future ready and highly resilient.

Cuelogic also works extensively with companies that look to leverage data and artificial intelligence. Their data engineers have experience of working with a scale that runs into Petabytes.

For more information, go to https://www.cuelogic.com/outsource-software-development

Cuelogic Technologies stated, “With the rapidly changing business scenario and cut-throat competition, innovation has become the only way to survive and make your presence felt in the marketplace. For a business, this could mean constantly toying with new ideas, creating dynamic products, and offering exceptional services. In fact, successful innovation should be an integral part of every business strategy that can enable you to create more efficient processes for enhanced productivity and improved performance. Today, companies in almost every industry are moving towards software innovation. As per a 2018 global innovation study, most of the companies will make a shift and allocate a big chunk of their R&D budgets towards innovative software and service setups by 2020. When you outsource software development, you basically hire a third-party software provider to manage all the software related work, which is generally done in-house. It is an excellent alternative for businesses looking for ways to achieve their ongoing goals while maintaining a cost-effective approach and reducing risks.”

Elaborating on the company’s commitment to learning, they elaborated, “At Cuelogic learning is a culture, we don’t force our engineers to take training; instead, we encourage them to learn, unlearn and relearn every day. Our culture creates full-stack engineers, that can contribute above and beyond the usual.”

Apart from the benefits mentioned above that businesses can accrue when they outsource software development services to Cuelogic Technologies, they can also rest assured that their privacy, IP and data protection concerns are always addressed due to Cuelogic’s robust policy measures.

For more information, go to https://www.cuelogic.com/outsource-software-development

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