Global Blockchain Innovation Ecological Engineering: Turing Plan 2020 – Preface of Turing

“A salute to Alan Mathison Turing: one of the 100 most important figures in the 20th century, the father of artificial intelligence (AI)” – By Times Magazine


Alan Mathison Turing, one of the greatest British mathematicians and logicians in the history of the world, is known as the father of computer science as well as the father of artificial intelligence. Turing won many world-class achievements, such as computability theory, decision problem-solving solutions, electronic computers, artificial intelligence, mathematical biology, Turing experiments, etc., which have made great contributions to the development of human society. In the universe, there is a star named after him. He once saved countless lives from the war with the ingenious code breaking technology.


The Goal of Turing’s Ecological Innovation

With the development of science and technology, decentralization of wealth distribution and fair dispute settlement mechanism become possible. A series of characteristics of blockchain, such as decentralization, anonymity, fairness, community and traceability, are beneficial to building a fair, just and transparent economic community, so as to constitute such an economic society. In this economic system, the distributed Communist economy comes true. Everyone gains wealth in line with his contribution, and the strong smart contract and asset management on the chain can guarantee the safety and reliability of wealth. As a dispute occurs, the decentralized dispute settlement mechanism can take into account the fairness and efficiency of the ruling and effectively avoid the wrong results of judgement.

Description of Turing’s Ecological plan

Turing ecological plan is in honor of Mr. Turing, with the purpose of extending Turing spirit. It forms a technical framework with the technology cluster which takes blockchain as the core, creating a situation that Turing token is globally circulated, and it is oriented to decentralization of value, the Turing spirit as well as the core essence of blockchain; it innovates and develops which is composed of password games, anonymous chatting ecology, scenario kerb transaction, inclusive financial system, etc. on the chain. It is oriented to all Turing ecological participants, integrates community efforts with the token economy, builds a central, efficient, transparent, credible and economical value transfer mechanism and value security guarantee system based on privacy protection and value regression, energizes platform-based application, creates aggregate ecology, and empowers industrial transfer with finance as a breakthrough point.

Application Value of Turing Ecological Token

“Turing ecological token” endows people with unlimited imaginary space. As Yuval Harari’s viewpoint in A Brief History of Humankind, human civilization is established based on the trust and identification of “fictions”. For example, the trust and consensus of “corporate shareholding system” has contributed to the large-scale productive cooperation of human beings and gave birth to capitalism, while the token offers such a story that the decentralized credit system which is constructed with mathematical encryption algorithm and blockchain technology has become a new trust machine for all mankind, and the token will become the carrier of trust and value in the economic ecology. Whether in terms of the breadth or depth of human cooperation, compared with the traditional organizational mode and economic system, the application of ecological token is bound to trigger a subversive change, bringing wealth growth to the holders and users of Turing ecological token and benefiting all ecological participants.

STG is the token of Turing ecology, carrying the powerful functions of Turing ecological value, belief consensus, rights and interests feedback, value sharing and behavior incentive and forming a new form of new economy. Based on the new technology platform of value Internet, STG  dramatically optimizes and improves the operation efficiency of market economy, with significant effect of cost reduction and efficiency increase. The main value of blockchain lies in that it is the infrastructure to realize value Internet and token economy. As the most important tool, ecological token is the latest technical means to optimize the efficiency of market economy.

In general, STG ecological token has two major functions of rights and interests:

Incentives and dividends are constantly realized in the decentralized, transparent and open ecology, leading to a new wealth distribution model with epoch-making significance. For example, participants join in Turing ecology with 10,000 yuan by the way of USDT and STG, which can achieve geometric multiplication of wealth within 49 days.

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